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One Outfit, Different Personalities

It is undeniable that first impressions leave a long-lasting image of who you are to other people. As much as we would like to point out that looks don’t really matter, how you match your wardrobe and the way you handle your personal image can be deeply impactful. Let us not deny the fact that we are constantly judged by our appearances alone. As such, your personal style should reflect who you are as a person so that there would not be inconsistencies as you develop further relationships with others. One way of doing this is to know more about yourself before projecting your most trendy and most classy style. With the advent of the internet, it is now more easy for you to know about the different styles available, the dashing debonair down to the good boy-next-door image.

It is always a good idea to keep a good image. There are reports and surveys saying that men who are keeping their image more presentable earns an average of $200,000. Aside from that, if you look boring or unkempt then it is less likely for you to snatch that most coveted promotion. This is also applied in the dating area. The harsh reality in this world is to know that the way we choose to present ourselves to other people is a huge part of what they think about us. Sad to say, this unconscious bias can impact our everyday lives. Hence, we should make an effort to look good and feel great. This site helps you in giving tips and tricks on how to dress to impress.

Firstly, buy quality brand clothing not the cheap ones. You should never forget that quality always comes over quantity. Take time to shop for three or more quality outfits that you can easily mix and match. One advantage of picking up branded outfits is that they are more long-lasting. You should have at least four outfits for casual days or for business events. Most importantly, pick choices that can easily flatter your shape and build.

If the pieces that you have picked out are not flattering for you, then go the extra mile by opting to have it tailor-made. If not, then your attempts will be extremely futile.

Accessories should be made simple and not too flashy. The minimalist style is always the basic but classic way to go. Too much “bling” will make you look shabby and gaudy and it can give off an impression that you are a trying-hard copycat. If you wear a jewelry and a watch, don’t put them in the same hand.

Lastly, avoid wrinkles and put some thought into wearing good shoes.

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