Two Pieces of Information Need to Order a New 6.0 Powerstroke Tuner

One of the great things about Ford’s 6.0 liter Power Stroke engine is how amenable it is to tuning. An upgraded 6.0 liter Power Stroke can become a lot more capable than it was in stock form, with reliability often improving as well.

In most cases, adding a new, better ECU program to the engine will make for the perfect final touch. The available 6.0 powerstroke tuner options are easy to use and require only a few simple things from owners.

What It Takes to Order a New Power Stroke Tune

Just like other manufacturers, Ford has gone to some length to try to stop truck owners from fiddling with the programs that govern how engines run. As a result, it takes more than simply flashing a chip to upload a new tune to a Power Stroke engine’s ECU, although that is also part of the process.

Tune providers have to incorporate situation-specific information into their products to allow them to work correctly. In addition to having access to a device that can actually upload the new code, truck owners will typically be asked to provide details like:

  • Device serial number. Each tuning company has its own products to sell and needs to be able to associate individual devices with particular trucks. Because of that, it will often be necessary to provide the serial number of a given flashing device as part of the process of ordering a new tune.
  • Vehicle strategy. Before trucks equipped with Power Stroke engines leave the factory, their individual performance characteristics are measured and assessed. These details are used to create unique programs that account for the minutest of details particular to given trucks. Termed a “vehicle strategy” in industry parlance, this starting point is used by tuners to adjust their own creations appropriately. Given that, it will normally be necessary to provide this information as well.

A Simple Process Anyone Can Handle

Fortunately, all that it will normally take to supply information like this is to plug the details into a web page designed for the purpose. That allows truck owners to order tunes that will accommodate their vehicles’ engines perfectly in every case.

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