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gBurner Virtual Drive 4.9 serials is an application that lets you create and manage virtual drives on your PC. This application can be especially useful for users who work with ISO images and need to mount multiple virtual disks at a time. It allows you to access your games, movies and music from your virtual CD/DVD-ROM without burning them on to a physical optical disk. gBurner Virtual Drive free download supports a large number of CD/DVD image file formats, including ISO, GBI, DAA, ISZ, IMG, DMA, BIN, MDF, VCD etc. You can create and mount a total of 16 virtual drives at a time, allowing you faster access than using a normal CD/DVD-ROM.

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gBurner Virtual Drive 4.9 full can help you mount disc images and access their contents just as you would read a disc from a physical reader. Luckily, the tool supports creating up to 16 simultaneous drives, which is more than enough for most users. It supports an impressive list of image formats, including ISO, GBI, GBP, DAA, BIN, CUR, MDF, ASHDIDSC, BWI, NRG, NCD, to mention but a few. You can set the program to start along with the system and hide in the system tray. This way, and because it has a minimum footprint on system resources, you will hardly notice it is there. A straightforward menu accessible via right-click lets you mount or unmount drives. Besides, you use its configuration window to set the number of drives and assign letters to them.

To be able to create backupS of a CD-ROM or DVD it’s necessary to create a disc image, but these images require a special program to be able to read them. One of the best programs available in this category is gBurner Virtual Drive 4.9 portable .

Access any disc image

One of the first things that’s worth highlighting about gBurner Virtual Drive serials is the vast amount of different disc image formats that it allows us to read. Some of these formats are:


  • May be not necessary if you are using a recent Windows version
  • Supports creating up to 16 virtual drives
  • Almost no footprint on system resources
  • Not as many features as other similar tools
  • Compatible with a long list of image formats
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Among other aspects that are worth highlighting about gBurner Virtual Drive 4.9 full version we can point out the possibility to read the information much faster than if you were using the real disc, and the possibility to maintain the original discs of the programs and games in a safe place, so as to avoid problems with them in the future. Furthermore, gBurner Virtual Drive 4.9 serials allows you to mount a total of 16 virtual disc units. Therefore, download gBurner Virtual Drive 4.9 pin to be able to read any disc image that you have on your computer.

System Requirement:

What’s new in last version?

Some minor bug fixes and improvements.
Supports creating Audio CD from m4a files.
Supports Rockridge extension.
Supports Windows 10 operating system
Some minor bug fixes and improvements
Improves nrg file support.
Can open Blu-ray 3D ISO file.

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    This app operates well and looks great in the tray.

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    Did not actually convert files- just created a new “file” that was a whopping 0 bytes large.

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