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HP Photosmart Essential 3.5 patched provides an excellent photo sharing and editing solution Now your photos will look even better with this app that helps you get great prints since it ensures easy editing, printing, sharing and creative features HP Photosmart Essential 3.5 Full Version pre-Activated provides an excellent solution for the tasks of editing and printing images. Best of all, it’s a free application. It helps organizing, editing, printing, and sharing. It has been designed to combine in a single application all the tasks related to digital images that are often in a PC. We can, for example, printing a photo or image while correcting errors with just one or two mouse clicks. HP Photosmart Essential premium is surprisingly simple for the novice user, and very convenient for the more experienced user. We also share our best photos with friends, upload to the network, or use templates to create digital albums.

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Photos are easily editable, and you have at your disposal functions such as rotate, crop, flip, resize or red eye removal. More than that, it brings to the table settings for adjusting the color temperature of a picture or modifying the adaptive lighting. “Black and White” or “Sepia” effects are also present in the list of options. It is also possible to enhance the resolution of a photo. This is done in order to reduce the pixelated appearance of low-resolution pictures.

We were surprised by how simple and professional-looking the program’s interface was and it was clear the designers put a lot of effort into it. That was even before we watched the brief tutorial videos that showed us everything we needed to know. The program reminded us of many other photo editors, though with only a handful of tools, like color, lighting, resizing, and cropping. The changes provided slight alterations, but not a complete overhaul of a shot. Frankly, we appreciated how this program avoided throwing a number of complicated masks, filters, and alteration tools, because it kept us focused. The program also provided ways to e-mail pictures or even place them on a sharable folder that your friends can access online.


  • none
  • Easy to use
  • Its free
  • Good interface
  • Good program…easy for the wife to use.. 🙂
  • The only thing I don’t like is it always lists by newest first. Though I can change to by name or oldest first, however when I close and open it again, it will be newest first again, I can’t find how to save the setting.
  • None
HP Photosmart Essential pre-Activated Free Download

On top of all this, the program offers a feature to download tools to make cards and calendars with our photos. The program offered no frills, but its interface and simple results were enough to convince us that this is good for photo fans. HP Photosmart Essential 3.5 For Windows Download is a freeware program. It comes as a compressed folder, installs desktop icons without permission, and left folders behind after uninstall. While this program doesn’t offer a galaxy of editing options, its basic setup is good enough for us to recommend it.

System Requirement:

  • PC with Pentium II 300 MHz or higher processor
  • Microsoft Internet Expo . o high
  • Windows All
  • Author Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L…
  • Last version 3.5

I’m using a HP Scanjet 5590 and the version of Photosmart Essential is 90.xx. The website lists another version as 110.xx. Should I change to 110 or leave it at 90.xx? If I upgrade, will it affect the scanning operation?

Firstly, you need to know that the latest version of the application is HP Photosmart Essential 3.5. Also, from what it seems, the application has been replaced by HP Photo Creations. Returning at your question, it is always recommended to upgrade the software to the latest version. If you upgrade the software, the scanning process will be improved. I suggest you navigate to HP Downloads page, select your operating system and download the latest files available.

How can I save my picture from Photosmart Essential to a memory stick?

You can save them directly on your computer after you’ve finished using HP Photosmart Essential and then select them all, right click on them and press Copy. Next, open your memory stick, right click somewhere on the area and select Paste. Also, you can set up the program to save your picture directly to your memory stick.

I recently purchased a HP Photosmart 8180 and installed the software which included Photosmart Essential 3.5. I have over 8000 photos on a remote hard drive with a USB 2.0 connection. The software runs very slow and frequently quits responding, however, after a while it start again. It freezes any time I try to view a photo or try to edit it. Is there something I need to do to make this program run faster or at all? I have tagged most of the pictures, however, it has taken me a very long time due to the slow operation and constant freezing. I have a new HP laptop with Vista.

The problem with the application is that your computer is not powerful enough to handle 8000 at once. Because of that the whole operation becomes sluggish. My advice is to try categorizing those photos into 5-6 folders and you will see an increase in the functionality. Handling 8000 photos with thumbnails can be a nightmare even for good applications working on powerful computers.

I am working with Windows 10 operating system and printing to a color wireless HP Officejet 6500A Plus. I have a large amount of photos saved and am in the process of putting them into books. I want to print 4 x 6 and 5 x 7 photos borderless. Having a horrible time presently doing this. Can you provide any help?

The printer needs to be configured for Borderless Printing. Luckily for you, there is a guide explaining how to do this, but you need to make sure that you use the correct paper for this process.
Support page: http://support.hp.com/si-en/document/bpy21049
You can enable Borderless Printing using the instructions on the above page, but your printer needs to support this feature first. Ignore the versions mentioned, because the process is the same. If no menu is found using the instructions, then it means this procedure is not available for your device.

I tried to install HP Photosmart Essential 3.5 on my HP Pavilion computer with Windows Vista Home Premium 64 bit as operating system and it wasn’t installed properly. It looks like it is loading and even shows some of my pictures but it’s stuck right there and I can’t do anything. I need to close it all the time through Task Manager. Is there a patch available to fix it? What can I do?

There is no patch; the software is simply too complex.
I have been trying for 9 months to make it work, with a variety of operating systems.
Without exaggeration, I have emailed with HP tech support about this problem at least fifty times. Tried every one of their solutions. I have uninstalled (thorough) and reinstalled dozens of times.
It just doesn’t work. at least not with XP and Vista; A few attempts with Windows7 and it PARTIALLY works.
sorry, it’s not the answer you wanted but that’s been my experience.

i having the same problems with photosmart 3.5 im using a hp compaq pressario f500 on vista with a photosmart 4400 printer. the disk that come with the printer was version 2.0 that works without a problem but it wants you to update and then it dont work properly

In order to fix the problem, I suggest you to remove the software using its uninstaller or Add or Remove Programs feature (Control Panel > Uninstall a program) and run CCleaner or CleanMyPC to make sure that there are no leftover rogue registry keys in your system. After that, navigate to the official web page and download and install the latest version available. Select your language, press >> button and download the files. The latest version of HP Photosmart Essential is fully compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 on both 32 and 64-bit architecture.

If I delete the software for HP Officejet Pro L7600 Series using Add or Remove Programs feature and then install the software for Officejet Pro 8500, will I lose the content from the Photosmart Essentials files?

No, the files will be automatically imported to the libraries of the new version of Photosmart Essentials. However, to be sure that you don’t lose the data, use Add or Remove Programs feature to remove all HP utilities except Photosmart Essentials. Also, press Windows + R key combination, type devmgmt.msc and click OK. Expand the Imaging devices and Universal Serial Bus controllers lists, right-click on the printer driver and select Uninstall. After that, install the software for HP Officejet Pro 8500.

What’s new in last version?

Get dozens of new Photo Book artwork styles, featuring rich designer colors and patterns
Get full control of your Photo Book fonts including type, size and color
Print up to three 4"x6" photos on a letter size page
Get the option to print a draft version of your Photo Book
Get CD/DVD printing support on 64 bit operating systems
Get improved performance and reliability
View, Organize and Manage
Personalized home page provides quick access to your most recent photos and projects.
Simple icon-based menus help you locate and organize files faster.
Tag individual photos with keywords to simplify organization and searches.
Find, fix, and enjoy your photos with ease by Date, Tags or Folders.
Mark favorites so they are right at your fingertips.
This version is now fully integrated with free account at Snapfish.com.
New user login links offline activities to free online features of Snapfish.com.

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  1. I have used HP photosmart essential since it first became available; easy to use and works well.

  2. Nice

  3. I so much agree with the previous comment.

  4. ihavenobody1314 | 12.02.2021 at 10:56 | Reply

    HP has overcomplicated their software package installation to the point that customers are no longer coming back. I am never buying another HP printer.

  5. Good

  6. Edmund lin | 17.02.2021 at 16:59 | Reply

    i want to know how i can send by bluetooth

  7. Noble T Mathew | 22.02.2021 at 02:48 | Reply

    I am Brazilian and firefox user and I come on behalf of several of my friends complain about the slowness of firefox, finally other resources firefox continues excellent, but it is very slow and cumbersome that the honeycomb received a poor performance of my computer hopefully expedite a new version and it come lighter and faster as soon as possible, I thank you.

  8. This is the best audio software I have evr known, makes your system sound really cool!!

  9. 5 Stars

  10. i want i t in the netherlands language!!

  11. Capildeo Danesh | 15.03.2021 at 13:29 | Reply

    I’ve got 1 Printer. Why HP installs 6 Software for this 1 Printer?

  12. this is essential

  13. A great software for photo editing in comparison to others.

  14. PRIYANKA DHAROOR | 26.03.2021 at 19:18 | Reply

    PS 3.5 is dangerous because it facilitates the unintended buildup of thousands of pics in its library, with no apparent simple way to delete them. This can hopelessly overload one’s PC.

  15. alibrahim | 30.03.2021 at 12:12 | Reply

    tried to install 3.5 and itwouldn’t install because ‘extended attributes were missing’

  16. David Lin | 06.04.2021 at 06:55 | Reply
  17. Viral Jogiwala | 11.04.2021 at 16:55 | Reply
  18. Jatin Khaimani | 17.04.2021 at 03:08 | Reply

    I have a HP printer C4200 that I can not get to print.

  19. Jayant Sumant | 27.04.2021 at 07:12 | Reply

    Did not like the fact that you can not use decimals. All dollar amounts must be rounded off…which seems strange for a “Money/Budget” app. Also can not resize window.

  20. peteremil | 04.05.2021 at 02:14 | Reply

    Pro does not permit more than two send accounts.
    Pro could not set up more than three receive accounts
    Enterprise support consists of one person, 10 time zones away.
    Support person unable to address issues
    On Win8 and AVG2014, it thinks connection is encrypted, which it confirmed not to be encrypted.
    Thoroughly frustrating, and went back to old reliable Outlook

  21. very well

  22. ganeshgaja | 12.05.2021 at 00:34 | Reply

    Installs the Ashampoo toolbar, even if you say you don’t want the toolbar during install. I’ve read that Windows 7 users can’t uninstall the toolbar after it’s installed without thier permission. Not cool.

  23. John Leyden | 14.05.2021 at 18:27 | Reply

    it is easy to use and is people friendly

  24. Junel Canupin | 21.05.2021 at 10:16 | Reply

    A little slow on the loading but faster than Foxit.

  25. vu khac thang | 23.05.2021 at 10:26 | Reply

    Seems to slow performance of computer, but not so much as to be a bother.

  26. does not have a pro-active defense

  27. coooooolll//////)))))

  28. works perfect

  29. Robin Wilson | 09.06.2021 at 10:38 | Reply

    Latest version of software dated March 11th started crashing and freezing the browser today(March 19th). Seems like the programmers intentionally program issues into the software so they will have job security.

  30. Tsering Dorjee | 12.06.2021 at 13:39 | Reply

    problems with windows 7 64bit
    poor design

  31. Nandini Das | 18.06.2021 at 18:41 | Reply

    A couple small things could be better. For one, the memory footprint is above 10 MB. Not horrible for a modern computer, though. Another thing (which I can not confirm yet) is that one time after Windows XP came out of Standby Mode, it seemed as though the hotkey binding was lost. But after opening up the preferences, and hitting “ok”, it worked again. It hasn’t happened since.

  32. Scince the Spyware scan is so fast it only scans a few files and is not that trustable, but you surely may have another Anti-Spyware protection, I highly recommend Windows Defender.

  33. I really don’t have any cons to report (again – based on what I use it for)

  34. Laxmi Prasad Kandel | 01.07.2021 at 05:45 | Reply

    price, i wish it would be free

  35. rakesh sharma | 08.07.2021 at 01:30 | Reply

    In spite of the program is an open source code program, not totally free, for some parts you must pay. The creators say they need money to improve the program, i accept their method.

  36. NEVER BUY FROM STREAMINGSTAR INC!!!!!!! Their product doesn’t work, then when I emailed them about it they just blew me off and never resolved the problem, much less ever considered giving me a refund.

  37. Aberra, Canada

  38. nabil elsebai | 23.07.2021 at 01:40 | Reply

    I lost my dongle. Will this download replace it?

  39. I cannot mention any cons, thanks to writers…

  40. Robert Miller | 30.07.2021 at 11:26 | Reply

    Easily DELETES .VHD files it has no business messing with. Seems to have difficulty maintiaining connection with USB 3 drive, necessitating manual re-connect.

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