iMazing 2.13.2 full version patch

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Connect to your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad devices via USB as external storage simply by using this straightforward software solution iMazing 2.13 full version patch is a utility that enables you to manage your iOS device data directly from a Windows PC. The program is compatible with a wide range of iPhone, iPad, and iPod models, helps you transfer various types of files between your iOS device and your computer and immediately completes any given task. This tool comes as an alternative to using specialized programs like iTunes to back up your iOS device data to your computer. You can also use iMazing 2.13.2 serial keys to transfer new files from your PC to your Apple gadget and complete various types of device tasks directly from your computer (like shut down your device, erase all content, reinstall iOS).

iMazing pre-Activated

Transfer all your iPhone data to a new device running iOS in two super simple steps. Create full backups including media, application data and device settings. In order to preserve disk usage, music and video libraries are handled separately. Restore all data with the click of a button: securely, anywhere and with any computer, independently from iCloud, without any prior sync, no matter the iTunes account linked, it just works. Note: Requires .NET Framework and iTunes. Limited functionality. Move messages and media files from your iPhone and iPad to your PC Download iMazing 2.13.2 free download – Connect to your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad devices via USB as external storage simply by using this straightforward software solution

iMazing Full Version Registered is a software solution designed to give you a bit more control over your iPhone or iPod, letting you access these particular gadgets just like an external storage device. With iTunes mandatory in order to allow iMazing 2.13 full version work without a flaw, the application thus provides you a pretty user friendly environment to transfer files to and from your iPhone or iPod. Just like it usually happens with these Apple devices, it's enough to successfully connect them to your computer and once a connection is established, you should be able to access their content. iMazing 2.13 registration keys has a multi-panel interface through which it displays the content of the device, be it camera roll, media, photos, notes, contacts, voice memos or apps. Of course, drag and drop is supported by default, so it's enough to drag a certain file into another folder on your computer to copy the data in no time. In just a few words, the program provides five major features, as it follows: copy to PC, copy folder to device, copy files to device, create folder and delete from device. Beside the enhanced transfer feature, iMazing 2.13 Full Version key also allows you to export all messages, memos and virtually all kind of data stored on the iPhone. Plus, you can access iOS file system and browse the protected folder with ease. iMazing 2.13 full version patch needs just a reasonable amount of computer resources to serve its purpose and works just fine on any Windows version out there.


  • Compatible with multiple iOS versions and device models
  • Lets you transfer various types of files
  • Lacks the ability to pre-listen iOS music files
  • You can preview photos, transfer app data, export messages, etc
  • Comes with a built-in search tool
iMazing For Pc Free Download

Features and Highlights iPhone, iPod & iPad File Transfer To Mac & PC Transfer files between any Mac or PC and any iOS device, works with all app documents, data and media. Connect via super fast USB or via Wi-Fi for hassle free accessibility. No cloud, no jailbreak, no iTunes account or sync required, it just works – even with the all new iOS 9. Device Backup & Restore Management

System Requirement:

  • All iPhones and iPods Touch supported
  • .NET Framework 4.0
  • iPhones and iPods connected to your PC
  • iTunes
  • Windows 10 32/64 bit, Windows 8 32/64 bit, Windows 7 32/64 bit, Windows 7, Windows 7 64, Windows 8, Windows 8 64, Windows 10, Windows 10 64
  • Homepage:
  • Author DigiDNA
  • Last version 2.13.2

What’s new in last version?

Improvements in 2.11.4:
WhatsApp: added support for messages sent from a WhatsApp Business account
Fixes in 2.11.4:
Repair Backup: fixed a rare crash
Other minor bug fixes and stability improvements
iOS: version 13.4 is now fully supported
Translation: minor changes in Portuguese
Photos: various minor fixes
Translation: fixed incomplete sentences in various languages
Backup repair: fixed a potential crash
French localization fixed. Toutes nos excuses à nos utilisateurs francophones.
Backup: improved the Repair Backup feature to handle more edge cases
iMazing Mini: reduce the frequency of disk accesses to allow NAS and other external drives to sleep more often
iTunes Microsoft Store: improved compatibility with iTunes downloaded from the Microsoft Store

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  1. A company is defined by how it performs when things go wrong… that is my opinion. There is not even an option for suport of this product on the company website.

  2. EDINO KERRY | 07.02.2021 at 10:50 | Reply

    missing some features

  3. vuezolo cristiano | 12.02.2021 at 23:34 | Reply

    can not absence this soft

  4. manish kumar | 18.02.2021 at 18:41 | Reply

    the program does not register the fact that the computer has been restarted, so every time I turn on my computer it says to restart the computer to finish installing program.

  5. Kevin peterson | 23.02.2021 at 07:47 | Reply

    -there has been no release since 2003

  6. Not Free as stated. Version will only split into multiple files. 500 page pdf, will end up 500 individual files cluttering up your HD. All other options are greyed out until you pay your US$80. You don’t find this out until you install and open.

  7. Nigel Fitt | 28.02.2021 at 13:50 | Reply

    A tad slow

  8. It Is a bit lackin in tweaking functions, but all in all works.

  9. None that I see. Its error free and idiot proof, so no downsides.

  10. PastorBurt | 15.03.2021 at 13:26 | Reply

    everything it sucks big fat rocks

  11. I found no cons in using this product at all.

  12. Tom Mathew | 23.03.2021 at 09:53 | Reply

    none works wonderfull

  13. can’t think of anything i didn’t like

  14. jessicamabuly | 31.03.2021 at 03:32 | Reply

    Evaluation for the VET and AlbVET

  15. Nitya Nanda Borah | 06.04.2021 at 17:04 | Reply

    need a fast PC, learning curve is extremely steep(but the results are rewarding.)

  16. wipawanbee | 13.04.2021 at 08:00 | Reply

    Converts the video at double speed. My mouth moves twice as fast as my voice!

  17. Mamadou Lamine Sonko | 19.04.2021 at 13:28 | Reply

    Not for the person that needs to manage multiple accounts. Program wants you to purchase the whole motherload, so the “free” part pertains only to the two accounts you are allowed to work with.

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