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  • Send images, videos, audios, and documents to any of your contacts.
  • Chat and share files in groups.
  • Make free voice calls and video conferences to other users of the application.
  • Take part in group video calls with up to 200 simultaneous users.
  • Over 10,000 stickers and emoticons to give your messages a unique and expressive touch. Many of them are free, but you can also purchase new packs.
  • Follow the accounts of brands, celebrities, sportsmen and TV shows to find out about all the latest news.
  • It comes along with a Facebook-looking TimeLINE 5.24 Serial Key where you can post all your stories, photos and statuses that your friends will be able to view and like.
  • Keep function to save all your important files and messages that you don’t want to lose or that you know you’ll need to recover in the future.
  • Add new friends by means of QR codes, your unique LINE Registration key ID or simply shaking your phones when nearby.
  • It has its own application and gaming environment that you can download as standalone apps.
  • Includes its own onLINE Activator Free Download payment system, LINE license Key Pay.
  • Improves the app’s stability whilst also correcting minor bugs.
LINE full version serial keys is the chat, instant messaging and free call application developed by Naver and that comes along with a desktop client to communicate from your PC

LINE Full Version Activator

Users of LINE pre-Activated Free Download software are also able to make use of a free text message facility, enabling them to send text messages to any cell phone for no charge. Additionally, users can initiate group chats and minimize the software as they talk, allowing them to converse with one or more friends and continue to browse the web, work or even watch a movie. The software is very simple to set up and exceptionally easy to use, even more so when compared to its more popular rivals.

Settings are moderately extensive, with the option to adjust notification, chat view and functionality, edit your profile, manage friends list, etc. There are options for blocking unwanted users, attach and send files or images. Text messaging is aided by a library of expressive emoticons, much more complex and detailed that your standard set of smiley faces. All in all, LINE full version with crack is a good tool for casual communication. It's stable, fast, lightweight and functional. If you don't like bland classic messaging apps, it's worth trying out.


  • Pretty design
  • Great functionality
  • None
  • Several features for sending instant messages
  • Not available on Mac operating system
LINE Full Version keygen

In fact, you might have not even heard of the app we’re offering you to do, and you might only know WeChat thanks to the award-winning performance of Leo Messi in one of its most famous adverts. So, if it’s down to choosing one of them, our election is quite obvious. A very decent application that, unfortunately, nobody uses. However, that doesn’t mean that neither of them are bad alternatives to the current king of instant messaging. In fact, this Japanese app is possibly much more complete than Zuckerberg’s new toy, especially in its desktop version. The possibility to uses its funny stickers instead of boring emojis and emoticons, or the option to follow famous brands or your favorite artists just like on Twitter, give it an added value. All the latter without forgetting that many of the functions that WhatsApp presents as ground-breaking features already existed on LINE 5.24 portable sometime before.

What’s new in the latest version?

System Requirement:

  • Language English, French, Polish, Chinese, Italian, Japanese, German, Spanish
  • Homepage:
  • Author Line Corporation
  • Last version

Please, help me to get back this video clip. I have not deleted my Line messages.

Different applications have different storage features. For example, in WhatsApp if you send something, it gets stored on a server for a time period making it available but if Line does not have this option, then I am afraid you will not be able to recover the video. Also, in some cases, if you’ve recordered the video, you can find it in your local Gallery among other images and videos.

I installed LINE on my laptop but in this app there is no settings option. Can you tell me where do I need to go to use signup?

There is no signup option available for Windows installations of LINE. The only way you can signup is by using a mobile phone. This is the only method for applications of this type. Viber, WhatsApp, Snapchat, etc are applications that use the same method for creating an account.

I like that business n to promotes dstv in the whole all effort to win more clients.

Where is the Settings menu on LiNE application?

To access LiNE settings, simply start the application then right click the bottom margin of the screen and the menu should pop-up from bottom, then click on Settings and you will have the possibility to change them.

Can I use Line on Symbian?

No, Line is not compatible with Symbian platforms. It has been developed to run only on Android, Windows Phone, Nokia Asha, iOS and Blackberry devices. You can check the official web page for further information.

How can I log in on LINE?

To log in on LINE application, you will first need to install the application on a compatible phone to create an account. During the registration your phone number and e-mail will be asked. After the registration is completed, you can download and install the application on the PC and then log in.

How to use this program on my PC?

In order to use this software on your PC, you need to install it first. To do that, you can visit Software Informer’s application website to obtain a download link or you can go to the following official website. To install the software, just open the downloaded file and follow the instructions. After the installation process is over, start the program by clicking the desktop icon. You can connect to Line with your account and start chatting with your friends. If you don’t have an account, press Sign Up. However, you will have to register the account with your mobile device such as Android or Nokia mobile phone, etc, before you can use it on your PC.

How to register my email in LINE?

You can register your email by going into settings where you will need to use the Email registration option. Then you can input your email and password and you will have a registered email attached to the account.

****I have line app in my iphone 3 and there are no setting or register button to click on but there’s only two buttons there (continue and Login with email) and how can I register my line account?…**** I have try the Login with email but it did not get through

Why can’t i find ‘setting’ in the line apps?

There is no settings option found in line app.

i have line downlod but no have email ragistretion so need may email [email protected]

How do you go into “Settings”? When I open Line on my PC, it requires me to login in before continuing on.

There is no settings option found in line app. Why can’t i find ‘setting’ in the line apps?

You need to go into the app store again and actually download the Line application (messaging and calls) and create your account there. Then, once your registration is complete, you can log into Tsum Tsum and other Line created apps.

in my app, in settings option account option is not there (windows 8.1)

In my app, in settings option accounts option is not there (windows 8)

Is LINE supported on Nokia C7?

No, LINE is not available for Nokia C7. On the official website, the application is listed as being compatible with Nokia phones, but your phone is not an Asha one. LINE is available for Nokia Asha.

I can’t find any settings.

Please use right click to bring back the settings menu then use the following path to activate email registration: LINE app→[Settings] > [Email Registration].

you are answer is not correct and right click not appearing that menu
right click to bring back the settings menu then use the following path to activate email registration: LINE app→[Settings] > [Email Registration].
you can find the line setting in your taskbar . click the tiny arrow pointing up says “show hidden icon” there you can see your line app. click on it then there it is . sorry for bad grammar .

i have seen that but the settings option is deactivated.. how do i enable it

for windows8 ….where is the settings for line registration for to login
This is how you can register. It’s so very simple.

None of these suggestions work. I can not find settings either. There is no tiny arrow pointing up. There seems to be no avenue to enable registration.

You need to open your line application and use the following path to activate email registration:- LINE app->(Settings)-> Accounts-> email account registration, then type your email address and password after that re-confirm your password and ok after that open your email id

I’m having the same problem as Aiden.  You see, you can’t access line settings if you can’t login to Line.  I have no mobile device and both Aiden and I are on pc’s running widows 8.  I am running windows 8.1, but I think registering for 8 & 8.1 are the same.  They say you can use "line" on a pc without a mobile device, but I’m beginning to believe that you.
You need to open your line application and use the following path to activate emailYou need to open your line application and use the following path to activate email registration:- LINE app->(Settings)-> Accounts-> email account registration, then type your email address and password after that re-confirm your password and ok after that open your email id
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How to Register for Line PC
You can easily register for line on PC.
  1. Open your Line account on your “mobile phone”.
  2. Now go to More > settings > accounts > Email Registration
  3. Enter your “e-mail”and “password”.
  4. A verification code will be sent to you “E-mail” ID.
  5. Now enter the “verification code” in your mobile phone and your PC account will be activated.
  6. You can now open your LINE account on your PC with the same “Email and Password”

this does not work if using a blackberry 10 mobile. Line app is currently not available. any other suggestions to activate for windows 8 os?

What’s new in last version?

Improved stability.
You can now preview your camera before joining a group video call.
In a group video call, a marker now appears next to the name of the person currently speaking.
You can now share your screen during group video calls
Text formatting can now be applied to notes.
Minor bug fixes and other small improvements
Minor bug fixes and other small improvements.
Improved stability
We added a verification step when you log in via QR code to help increase account security.
Instantly translate text in photos with the "Convert to text" feature in the photo viewer.
We've improved how you save and open files from chats.

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