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MemInfo 3.4.3 Full Version keygen runs as an icon in the system tray. Hovering over this icon will quickly tell you basic information about the computer, such as memory usage, page files, and physical memory used. Clicking on MemInfo 3.4.3 keys’s icon will bring up a menu full of programs running in the background, as well as the option to run Windows Task Manager. Clicking a program’s name allows you to open the folder, free up memory, or terminate the program. In addition, you can also use the memory defragmenter feature to help you get the most of your free memory, thus making your computer run much faster.

MemInfo Full Version Free Crack

On many occasions when your computer freezes (blocks up) it is due to the fact that the RAM memory is saturated and, therefore, is incapable of processing more data, thus it is important to know at all times what you are loading, so as to be able to prevent errors.

Discover the best way to prevent your PC from freezing

MemInfo 3.4.3 full version with crack and keygen is a simple utility that, by means of a small icon located in the system tray, will indicate the amount of memory that you are using at each moment. The program has a function by means of which you will be able to quickly defrag the RAM memory, thus being able to liberate some free space and managing that the computer starts to work with a lot more dynamism. Both the handling, as well as the installation of this tool are very simple, in such a way that any user will be able to make the most of it from the very first moment.

MemInfo full download Displays the current memory (RAM or Page File) usage of Windows in the system tray. MemInfo 3.4.3 full is a memory management program developed by Carthago Soft. It is designed to enhance the functions of Windows Task Manager, thus giving you more control over how your computer’s resources are allocated. Its installation file is less than 500kb, meaning that it is easy to transport on portable media and will quickly install into any computer.


  • Includes a memory defragmenter feature
  • Lets you easily kill any running processes
  • Free
  • No disadvantages found
  • Small-sized setup file
  • Intuitive
  • Provides useful info about RAM usage
MemInfo full version

Learning how to use MemInfo 3.4.3 Activation Key is intuitive. Because of its minimalist design, its features are organized and easy to navigate. It is a good option for someone who is worried about their computer’s resources, and it will especially benefit older computers or PCs which have many different programs installed. Download MemInfo 3.4.3 full – Gives a fast feedback to current memory usage in Windows and enables you to perform memory defragmentation to enhance system speed MemInfo 3.4.3 registration keys is a tool that will help you to know how much RAM your computer is using, in such a way that you can prevent problems. Download MemInfo 3.4.3 full version setup for free now Gives a fast feedback to current memory usage in Windows and enables you to perform memory defragmentation to enhance system speed

System Requirement:

  • a Pentium system or equivalent with 32MB Ram or more
  • Windows NT, Windows 10 32/64 bit, Windows 2003, Windows 8 32/64 bit, Windows 7 32/64 bit, Windows Vista 32/64 bit, Windows XP 32/64 bit, Windows 2K
  • Homepage:
  • Author Carthago Software
  • Last version 3.4.3

What’s new in last version?

Minor bug fixes
New option to write log on high memory values
Fixed: Custom highlight color would not be saved
Improved process information dialog
Added an option copy process details to clipboard, or if there is no information search process filename online
Added a new option to double click tray icon: "Show the desktop"
Improved feedback upon first run (Hidden icon by the Windows system)
Removed quick display settings submenu
Fixed: Percentage below 10% would not show % sign
Minor bug fixes and tweaks
Menu process list now shows the used Page File if the option "Show page file instead of physical memory" is set
New option to unify multiple processes
If the option to automatically "Defrag every X minutes" is set, a defrag will be done at MemInfo start up

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  1. Gangadhara Babu M | 03.02.2021 at 21:50 | Reply

    lite program, does what it says.

  2. munadhital | 08.02.2021 at 17:56 | Reply

    Compared to its 3.5~ predecessors, the current 5.~ version no long offers a choice of output dimensions, output destinations, etc. Overall, the freeware version has become considerably feature-poorer.

  3. Ideally an uninstaller should be able to uninstall a folder and its contents, including any executables, and their registry entries. Both the Advanced Uninstaller Pro as well as Revo Uninstaller focus only on programs that come with an uninstaller. That means any poorly or maliciously written program without an uninstaller cannot be uninstalled (as best as I can tell).

  4. Mary Ann Gisburne | 19.02.2021 at 22:59 | Reply

    This is the best piece of Freeware I have ever used. The user interface is very easy to use and the scan runs in the background without draining the PC resources. I bought the full version after using the free version of about a month. Not much noticable difference only that you can automatically update and set scan times. Every PC Laptop needs this.

  5. Mahender Jangra | 26.02.2021 at 03:54 | Reply

    Excellent program. Using it for years now. I like it when a program runs fast and is easy to adjust to personal needs.

  6. Help now to get a free item.

  7. Danny Cook | 07.03.2021 at 14:26 | Reply

    Very slow to open. Occasionally fails to read or even recognise a track, when another programme is able to do so.

  8. Danial Esmaeilialiabadi | 12.03.2021 at 03:04 | Reply

    Overly complex.

  9. Took a while to see how to target the product on what I wanted to Shut down

  10. Schalk van Wyk | 19.03.2021 at 23:08 | Reply

    15 day trial crap

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