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R-Undelete Full Version license Key

R-Undelete pre-Activated Free Download recovers files on any local disk it recognizes including HDD, SSD, USB/NVME storage devices, memory cards, virtual disks and undamaged RAIDs and Windows Storage Spaces. The new, redesigned R-Undelete 6.6 license code wizard-style interface oriented more for beginners in data recovery meets the highest standards in the software development industry and makes the product an easy-to-use yet powerful and fast file undelete solution even for corrupt FAT, exFS, NTFS and ReFS file systems. Automatic pre-sorting of found files to the file type tabs and sorting files by their names, paths, sizes, or dates beside the file mask matching provides R-Undelete Full Version portable users with the most versatile and comprehensive file search possible.

R-Undelete free download

R-Undelete 6.6 serial keys is a file recovery utility designed for Windows PC. It might prove to be of good use if you need to immediately restore files that were deleted by accident or lost after dealing with various types of system or hardware-related problems. The first thing you need to do is to make sure you don't install the program on the drive you wish to analyze and restore data from. Then, all you need to do is to launch the tool, choose the scan location, and R-Undelete 6.6 Full Version keygen will start looking for lost or deleted data. All found files are nicely organized based on their type. You can use the integrated search tool to immediately find the files you want to restore.

The swift and robust algorithm for Known File Types scanning (raw file recovery) and file system processing is adapted for multi-core processing and prevents the program from freezing and crashing in critical situations as well as optimizes memory usage for large disk scanning. The new, redesigned R-Undelete 6.6 Full Version portable wizard-style interface oriented more for beginners in data recovery meets the highest standards in the software development industry and makes the product an easy-to-use yet powerful and fast file undelete solution even for corrupt FAT, exFS, NTFS and ReFS file systems on any local disk it recognizes including HDD, SSD, USB/NVME storage devices, memory cards, virtual disks and undamaged RAIDs and Windows Storage Spaces.


  • You can preview found images
  • Helps you restore files from various types of data storage containers
  • Helps you restore various types of files
  • Unappealing interface
  • Comes with a comprehensive help manual
  • Fast scanning speed
  • This looks like a potentially powerful tool
  • Does what it supposed to do, undelete files, however . . .
  • I bought the application, but it appears to be no different from the free demo app. I am still unable to recover files over 64k – in this day and age, that basically means everything! In my experience, this application adds insult to the injury of having lost data.
  • Offers an advanced feature set
  • The program is quite expensive :/ Plus, after using it too long, you start forgetting your passwords when you try to login from a different computer. All the browsers usually has a password autofiller too (which may not be as secure) and its enough for me.
  • Can’t be used without paying full price. You can’t even tell whether or not the “recovered” files will be any good without being able to access them. Why bother downloading it if you can’t use it?
  • It really doesn’t have a downside. This tool should be part of Windows–but that would be asking too much 🙂
R-Undelete pre-Activated

Free recovery from external USB disks, digital photo and video camera memory cards and other devices with the FAT and exFAT file system. In comparison with the free Home version R-Undelete 6.6 full version serial keys additionally recovers lost files from NTFS/NTFS5 and ReFS/ReFS2+ (Resilient File System). To prevent overwriting the deleted files R-Undelete full download can be run from a removable media like USB or memory stick. R-Undelete key supports Dynamic Disks, encrypted files, localized names, compressed files and alternative data streams. The cutting-edge file viewer supports a wide range of file formats including Adobe Acrobat pdf, Microsoft Office documents doc, xls, ppt (Office 97-2003), docx, xlsx, pptx, graphic files ( see the list ), video and audio files (all files are supported if the proper codec is installed on the system) and allows the user to view the contents of a deleted file before it is recovered.

System Requirement:

  • At least 256 MB of RAM, a mouse, and enough disk space for recovered files, image files, etc.
  • The administrative privileges are required to install and run R-Undelete
  • Windows 10 32/64 bit, Windows Server 2012, Windows 2008, Windows 2003, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2K, Vista, Windows 10
  • Homepage: www.r-undelete.com
  • Author R-tools technology Inc.
  • Last version 6.6

What’s new in last version?

NTFS file system parsing has been improved.
Byte-to-bite images (.disk) could not be opened. Fixed.
Non-resident symlink parsing on NTFS devices may have worked incorrectly. Fixed.
Minor parsing bugs for the NTFS file system have been fixed.
Minor bugs in the video file preview have been fixed.
Many cosmetic bug-fixes.
If a file mask was applied to graphic files in the graphic file view, some dummy files may have appeared when the program returned to the tile view. Fixed.
Tile view has been improved.
Wiped pictures could be viewed in Viewer and sent to Shredder again. Fixed.
Initially, Custom view appeared as a blank tab until clicking the Settings button.
Shred files button may have shown incorrect number of files for a short time.
Wiped tile view has been corrected.
New features:
A new data analyzing and recovery kernel that improves data recovery speed and results.
Faster Open Drive Files operation.

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26 Comments on "R-Undelete 6.6 full version free"

  1. taylormartin447 | 29.01.2021 at 08:49 | Reply

    Scam software.

  2. John Static | 01.02.2021 at 03:59 | Reply

    i don’t know this program

  3. The full version of this software costs $20 for a one user, one PC license. It is an alarm clock! Get real.

  4. GOPAL PATWA | 11.02.2021 at 04:14 | Reply

    For class 6 study.

  5. – Failed to work when you really need it most.
    – Acronis has turned to the dark side.

  6. Richard Ackon | 20.02.2021 at 15:49 | Reply

    I have tried to download this several times with no luck.Even tried downloading on a friends computer,he didn`t have any luck either.A person can`t recommend something,if he can`t use it.ADOBE..I CAN LIVE WITH OUT YOU.

  7. sohel mondal | 24.02.2021 at 18:00 | Reply

    Some features still under development.

  8. jackie smith | 28.02.2021 at 15:49 | Reply

    Is there any guide available for pro-design software?

  9. Vishal Bakhai | 05.03.2021 at 06:42 | Reply

    None, so far…

  10. Chanavan M.G. | 07.03.2021 at 13:26 | Reply

    It’s impossible to say how useful it is. I can find everything there.

  11. Clunky and patchy output

  12. Can’t find any reason ….may be if it did cost very much i would be very picky but for this price its 120% or even more for the money

  13. MAHAMMAD SIDDIKI | 18.03.2021 at 14:37 | Reply

    This program is very useful and convenient for common use, however we can not use it to estimate a sample size for a proportion.

  14. Marcus Hope | 21.03.2021 at 08:26 | Reply

    Only real con is you have to either already have the codecs for the formats already or download them. If you are trying to make WMP read tags from FLAC files, you likely will have them anyway.

  15. Michael Eser | 25.03.2021 at 16:47 | Reply


  16. Pierre Sicard | 30.03.2021 at 06:35 | Reply

    None I found it met my needs

  17. Mumbere Abdulhakim | 02.04.2021 at 15:17 | Reply

    Inte testat det än

  18. Will this program work on an older SCM Tech 90 router? What will I need in addition to this program? I have not bought the machine yet, so need to weigh out options to see if it works for what I need.

  19. walterred | 10.04.2021 at 16:18 | Reply

    It reformated the size of the video making every conversion into a widescreen format. When I attempted to fix this and do what customer service suggested the video went from being widescreen to having the black bars on the right and left, as well as top and bottom, making the video very VERY SMALL. WHen I tried to get ahold of customer service it took them up to 5 days to email me back. The only way to get in touch with this publisher is through email, and they take their time in responding to any question. There are many better, and better supported, programs out there that do the same thing and cost about the same. I can not reccommend this product to anyone, unless you want to waste your money.

  20. Screen freezes up and I have to manually terminate application. Won’t work on Windows XP SP-3. I uninstalled X and reinstalled 9.4, and now everything works perfectly again.

  21. chahin-30 | 19.04.2021 at 02:24 | Reply

    It could use a few more features like CCleaner has in its arsenal.

  22. anthony forzano | 23.04.2021 at 18:35 | Reply

    So-so GUI

  23. Edward Shaw | 26.04.2021 at 06:11 | Reply

    I really don’t have any. I’ve been happy with it for 2 years now.

  24. JUAN MELGAREJO | 01.05.2021 at 09:16 | Reply

    Can you use this proxy when your laptop’s off?

  25. Vahan Vardanyan | 07.05.2021 at 12:59 | Reply

    I’ve used this program for many years and I did not like it. Too heavy. Too slow initialisation like any other Adobe product. But what could you do if there is nothing else. Now I tried superfast and small (just 1MB) program from competitor and happy to say Farewell to Adobe.

  26. Anitha Naidu | 14.05.2021 at 04:12 | Reply

    Missing a few small mail / calender intergeneration functions but nothing critical

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