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Download SoulseekQt 2019.7.22 activator – Simple, easy-to-use and useful sharing instrument that enables you to share / download files and communicate with various people Simple, easy-to-use and useful sharing instrument that enables you to share / download files and communicate with various people Share and download files and music with like-minded users How many times have you looked for that old song you hear when you were a kid but couldn’t find it anywhere? Or search for a file on a specific but obscure subject? SoulseekQt 2019.7.22 full setup is a file-sharing program that allows you to search and download different types of files, from music to PDF and other documents. Also, you can share your own collection with other users that may be looking for something that you have.

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You'll find several settings menus in Soulseek dedicated to file sharing configuration, private messaging options and many more. Transfer rates remain pretty good since we are talking about a peer-to-peer file sharing app, so it only depends on the Internet connection. User-friendly and useful P2P file-sharing piece of software Unfortunately, there are fewer users connected to Soulseek than other more popular services, so don't expect to see tens of thousands of people sharing files through this app. Still, the software remains a simple and efficient way to find something you need or make available personal stuff you want everyone to access.

The program also lets you connect and chat with individual users. You only need to select the user with whom you want to chat and double-click on his/her nickname. The Chat window will open, allowing you to send a message to the user. Thus, apart from sharing files, you can make new friends with the same interests. The program is free to download and use. Also, the files shared have no cost. The only drawback I found is that the interface is dull and old-fashioned, but this does not interfere with the functions of the program. Please be aware that there may be copyrighted material whose sharing may be prohibited by your local laws. You may want to check this before downloading any file.


  • The interface is kind of dull
  • The program is free to download and use
  • You can download many types of music and files
SoulseekQt free

File sharing is more like a trend nowadays, everybody's doing it, no matter the application or service they are using. That's why utilities like Soulseek are quite handy for all those who wish to share files over the Internet, because they offer features everyone likes: a simple and easy to use interface, stable connections as well as fast downloads.

Share and download files in no time, with just a few mouse clicks

Soulseek was initially designed to let independent music artists from all over the world share their creations with ease, so you will find several rooms in there named after popular music genres.

System Requirement:

  • Internet connection
  • Windows 10 32/64 bit, Windows 8 32/64 bit, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
  • Homepage:
  • Author SoulSeek, LLC
  • Last version 2019.7.22

What’s new in last version?

Upgraded to Qt 5.11.2 for Windows and MacOS builds.
Removed upload to user option as it isn't designed very well right now.
Revert to Qt 5.7.1 on OSX due to a proxy related crash bug in 5.8.0.
Updated language files.
Setting to control whether to receive private chat notifications for everyone / user list users / no one.
Built with Qt 5.7.1 for Windows and 5.8.0 for OSX.
Updated TagLib and language files.
Make sure no duplicate filenames are shown in Download Folder dialog.
Files larger than 2GB should no longer fail to transfer is both the uploader and downloader are using this build or later.

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50 Comments on "SoulseekQt 2019.7.22 serials"

  1. COMODO Reports Trojan located in installer.

  2. nothing yet

  3. Steven Wilson | 08.02.2021 at 20:39 | Reply

    Who could ask for amything more than is already included? There was hardly any useful utility left out. However, if I were to make a suggestion, it might be to have an additional tool that would address connectivity issues, e.g. a command for clearing the DNS, etc. It is extremely difficult for anyone to come up with anything negative after using this software.

  4. Myron M Miller | 13.02.2021 at 17:17 | Reply

    If it had another tab for temps, would be perfect.

  5. G. Kortas | 16.02.2021 at 17:27 | Reply

    not appplicible

  6. Subramanyam R | 21.02.2021 at 12:16 | Reply

    Absolutely there is nothing I don’t like about this game.

  7. Time to develop a Android version to operate a telescope from a Android tablet.

  8. 1. UI with gray characters and icons on dark gray background very difficult to read and results in severe eyestrain after short time.
    2. No options to modify color, font size or contrast of the UI to make it easier to read.
    3. Abominable response from Adobe answering requests for patches to correct the UI.
    4. Package comes with 2 programs, the photo editor and the photo organizer. Both must be installed even if you do not want the photo organizer.
    5. No useful documentation included with purchase.

  9. Jeff Stanley | 07.03.2021 at 09:46 | Reply

    How can I get a full Aspen HYSYS.exe?

  10. Derek Reimer | 14.03.2021 at 05:14 | Reply

    If it is cons, there is so many options and i always wonder what else i could set and use.

  11. Blablabla | 20.03.2021 at 14:24 | Reply

    I removed the previous expired copy from my computer. The new addition picks up the old information and tells me my membership has expired. When I look for updates it will not work. I have written to Ashampoo for help but have received no reply. Backup is very poor. If I do not geta reply today. I shall wipe all of Ashampoo off my computer and take up the Norton offer.

  12. I like what it can do.

  13. Aurora3D Software | 28.03.2021 at 20:43 | Reply

    nothing. its perfect

  14. Joel Engebretson | 01.04.2021 at 12:03 | Reply

    None to date except the “Adobe Download Manager” and “Photo Alblum Starter Kit” involved with the install. This complaint only because I needed neither but nice for those who do. Next time, don’t make us wait so long!

  15. I’d like to see the possibility to only install a certain engine if that’s possible. For the moment, we can only get the lite verison which only supports ie engine and the ultimate version which support all engines including that of firefox,chrome and ie. I’ll be glad if I can choose to only install webkit or gecko and keep upgrading the desired cores later on when an auto-upgrade service starts up.

  16. Sue PeckI | 10.04.2021 at 14:32 | Reply

    Very nice tool. Thanks for the share.

  17. As the previous reviewer said, this software doesn’t actually do anything. I know what you’re thinking: “of course it does something or it wouldn’t exist!” OK, when you open up a file and press F5, it does have a natty interface that kinds of implies that something is going on, you know the kind of thing: a status bar, numbers whizzing by and so on. After a few minutes, you’ll happily be informed that all is fixed with a nice green tick! That’s it. It doesn’t actually make any changes whatsoever. I think that this might be a joke piece of software like the old blue screen of death screen saver? Anyway, for goodness sake doesn’t spend money on it.

  18. Nigéria Pereira Gonçalves | 19.04.2021 at 21:44 | Reply

    Really useful application. I was looking for some time for a way to automate my home theater PC to go into sleep when not needed and save energy. This application has solved my problem and even gave me more ideas how to further save energy. Kudos to the developers!

  19. What’s not to like?

  20. Nice and good program, but I don’t use it everyday… But when I used it, I liked it!

  21. Nadir Sheriff | 07.05.2021 at 11:11 | Reply

    it’s good for watching videos on you tube

  22. Bhim singh | 13.05.2021 at 02:32 | Reply

    Earlier versions were obviously authored by a geek in geek language. This version is a 180 turn. It is vastly easier to use and understand. This company listened to my complaints and earlier reviews.

  23. It is the best data erasure software available in the market.I have used this software in the recent past to delete data from my laptop before selling it and the software completed the process in no time.

  24. Mohammad Saraj Sharifzai | 23.05.2021 at 07:44 | Reply

    I have a problem with the new version, the pop-up message “Video downloader is ready to go” is always displayed on my desktop and I can not close it.

  25. Erlo Pietsch | 27.05.2021 at 19:33 | Reply

    Nag screen upon completition of encoding.

  26. It just works. Had not encountered any problems up to now. I am using it for serveral years now. It can handle a lot of file fomats

  27. EDINO KERRY | 04.06.2021 at 19:23 | Reply

    Thanks a lot, guys. It’s great.

  28. The Client is not working. Why?

  29. This thing is nothing but a hassle, and it won’t even let you play any games until you jump through a bunch of adware hoops. This is a pure con, nothing more, don’t download it unless you want to spend 10 minutes getting all their spyware back off your computer.

  30. There should be more tutorials on the website to guide me make full use of all settings. Like tutorials about the using on different device. I would appreciate if there is video on this.

  31. chris miraillet | 18.06.2021 at 03:37 | Reply

    In .avi files, the video and the audio sometimes go out of sync.

  32. Again, the software install doesn’t work.

  33. imandi madhu babu | 25.06.2021 at 13:59 | Reply

    It crashes consistently on all of my win7 x64 boxes under chrome, firefox and ie9. Not only that, but when this crap crashes it locks up your browser for some indeterminate amount of time before you can even click on the ‘Send crash report’ link for Adobe. I imagine so many people click this link that it is effectively a DDoS attack on adobe.

  34. wisdompangapanga | 01.07.2021 at 11:23 | Reply

    Not any fault ever occur in my use

  35. Marcio.Liesenberg | 04.07.2021 at 19:11 | Reply

    NOT FREE. Bottom line, if it is not free, don’t claim it is free.

  36. Mithun Biswas | 09.07.2021 at 03:45 | Reply

    None i can state

  37. Midnight Heston | 14.07.2021 at 06:20 | Reply

    It is clearly written “no limitations”, “free” and so on, but in fact it is not that easy. And what I dislike most about this situation is one gets to know that only after process of installation.

  38. (Still looking for some cons…….)

  39. Okaion (ROBLOX user) | 24.07.2021 at 20:02 | Reply

    Definitely agree, very handy scriping tool. I language all by itself.

  40. Helena Galani | 30.07.2021 at 21:27 | Reply

    Doesn’t work on 64bit OS’s

  41. Lofty Legend | 06.08.2021 at 00:53 | Reply

    pooe rating because first thing i see is giany mcafee — no way uninstall…not going through this again…

  42. Debbie Nicol | 11.08.2021 at 20:52 | Reply

    Confusing documentation

  43. No reason to dislike it. It does the job I need it to.

  44. Not only was the download time over 2 hours, but I received an error message that the setup files were CORRUPTED! Same with the Ashampoo Accellerator. I know it wasn’t my computer nor my connection (I checked). So plainly put: IT SUCKS!!

  45. Joanna Kakouratou | 26.08.2021 at 05:15 | Reply

    Non as yet, only used PlanMaker so far.

  46. Julie De Varzeille | 31.08.2021 at 12:31 | Reply

    best email extractor

  47. Daniel Sweet | 04.09.2021 at 20:37 | Reply

    There are some programs that were installed on my system before Advanced Uninstaller Pro, that it couldn’t see.

  48. Not all the data supported, just free to try.

  49. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  50. many upgrate version

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