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SubtitleCreator full setup allows you to create new subtitles for your DVD’s SubtitleCreator free is a tool that provides you with various tools for editing and converting subtitle files. The user interface is plain and simple so the program can be used with minimal effort. You can open one or more subtitle files and join them, create a new subtitle, open and export IFO files, as well as save text in SUP or VobSub format. When it comes to editing options, you can change the text, start and end time, view subtitle position, align or format subtitles, and search for text.

SubtitleCreator full version setup

Subtitle Creator is a program that helps in adding subtitles to DVDs, and the subtitles can be added automatically. They can be overlaid. English, Dutch and French are some languages that are supported by this software. For running subtitle creator Windows XP with .NET v2 framework is required. This software has some magnificent features like it can change the subtitles that were already present like their colors, size, etc. It has a DVD authoring wizard function where a new subtitle can be added to a DVD that was copied before.

Subtitle window can be positioned on the window according to the IFO file. In the configuration file, shortcuts can be defined. Any unnecessary subtitles can be deselected. Subtitles can be previewed and positioned by the user. Font and outline color can be chosen. By checking the DVD, the frame rate conversion and the time shifting of the subtitles can be synchronized. Both small and large text can be used. A subtitle string can be searched for. These are some of the advantages offered by Subtitle Creator. Download SubtitleCreator with keygen – Allows you to convert subtitle files to the binary format expected by authoring tools


  • Requires .NET v2 framework and Windows XP
  • Subtitles can be overlaid
SubtitleCreator Full Version Serial Key

Also, you will be able to select the video format (PAL or NTSC), change font, set outline width, apply preferred subtitle colors, enable line wrapping and an anti-alias filter, align text vertically, write top-down, select character encoding and copy palette to clipboard. In addition, you can create and manage profiles, apply changes to all subtitles, highlight too long subtitles in blue and duration errors in green, and cleanup spaces while a subtitle is loading.

System Requirement:

What’s new in last version?

New features:
Finish translation was added by Ropsi
Added a snapshot feature (frame grabber), so you can take a snapshot of the DVD (including subtitles)
It's now possible to specify the color and (semi)transparency per subtitle: transparency is no longer on/off, but can take a value between 0 (transparent) and 15 (opaque)
You can import external images (GIF or PNG, (semi-)transparent): the images can be imported using the ImageName.png tags. Since regular subtitles may only contain four colours, the images may look different, since the colors will be mapped to the four most useful colors in the current palette. So changing the palette may give different results too.
You can mix and match subtitle sources, e.g. combine a SUP file with several images and regular text. When you save it to an SRT file, all SUPs and images will be saved as images.

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48 Comments on "SubtitleCreator premium"

  1. Not user friendly with just an ugly interface.

  2. Don’t want stuff installed without my knowledge

  3. Policy Maker | 31.01.2021 at 18:55 | Reply

    Could do with a line or two about what each tick box clears in a hint box, some of the more obvious ones are ok like Temporary Internet Files but there is some obscure ones like Shell BagMRU, ComDlg32 recent that may confuse people.

  4. loburelikana | 04.02.2021 at 23:02 | Reply

    Hello, i bought the program thinking i would be able to snipe auctions, i have had instances were bids have not been placed, when trying to contact customer support, on several occasions and heard nothing, the support is absolutly disgacefull, do not buy this program

  5. aungmyint | 09.02.2021 at 08:49 | Reply

    It won’t fine all my adobe products.

  6. no pretty / fancy user interface (not a big deal)

  7. Dhiljith V | 15.02.2021 at 16:14 | Reply

    see pros…

  8. Fast and easy to use.

  9. yogesh alwe | 22.02.2021 at 19:11 | Reply

    I have however been having issues installing it on Surface Pro.

  10. Dr. Mc Arab | 25.02.2021 at 06:00 | Reply

    Free rides games spam. Very difficult to remove and affects the system

  11. ashlydesirae | 02.03.2021 at 14:02 | Reply

    i prefer system cleaner especially if found on sale for less than $20 which is how i bought it; probably not necessary on newer machines; system mechanic has some real time system and process protection; the advanced optimizer spyware scan was inadequate -inferior to system mechanic; the screen shot after the spyware scan in advanced optimizer was so small i could not tell which cookies the program wanted to delete and it turned out to be non-tracking cookies that i need for log-ins to papers like the washington post; the memory optimizer has a similar indicator light in toolbar as freeram pro but will not free as much memory so i use free program rather than advanced optimizer; ; several free programs will do the system cleanup as well; and some programs could prove tempting and dangerous to novice users; overall, price outweighs the benefits and there are potential dangers with use of some aspects of this kind of program

  12. dave allen | 08.03.2021 at 17:47 | Reply

    can’t support MAC AND SQL.

  13. Please help!

  14. Tom McCurry | 16.03.2021 at 07:17 | Reply

    I purchased this product to replace the Auslogice suite (ver 4). Auslogice now has ver 5. I like ASO, however, I am a bit wary of the asssumptions made. Perhaps, I haven’t read the documentation well enough. Some processes are a bit slow.

  15. André Leleux | 20.03.2021 at 03:07 | Reply

    Occasional pop up asking whether a program should be allowed to start or run but not very often & after it “learns” what should & shouldn’t run this will end.

  16. haven’t found yet.

  17. Easy to install, Does a through job of checking your system. I highly recommend it.

  18. Smiling_Spirit | 31.03.2021 at 16:48 | Reply

    Do not buy the standard edition, use the freeware version instead because it provides all the options the professional edition has but extracts only 50 Emails at a time. If you use MS Outlook and you want to buy it, make sure you buy the professional edition because the standard edition doesn’t work with MS Outlook. Upgrading from standard to professional is more costly then buying the professional edition.

  19. Yuriy Batyuchok | 07.04.2021 at 12:20 | Reply

    Not clear till date.

  20. RICARDO ZAMBRANO CONTRERAS | 13.04.2021 at 08:36 | Reply

    Won’t read simple dvd dics.
    Downloaded it (unticked the boxes for the extra programs etc) installed adware and viruses on computer, keeps turns off and crashing. Ads are now all over my computer on ever site, if i click on a link it will take me somewhere else!

  21. Can’t drag and drop photos into the application, but it’s a small drawback.

  22. Devi Narayanasamy | 24.04.2021 at 05:18 | Reply


  23. The user interface should have a distinct wizard interface in addition to a professional interface. Now it’s kind of both combined, therefore neither. You may get network issues when you combine Acronis with McAfee. Error handling should be improved.

  24. Very good program.

  25. abdelilah | 05.05.2021 at 21:09 | Reply

    Command line utility is available only in server versions.

  26. Sean Wyseman | 09.05.2021 at 18:59 | Reply

    I let you know that Facebook has canceled all those kinds of applications, the reason you already know, because of money. Use this applications and reduce the incomes for Facebook, so sad because it was a pretty application.

  27. Ease of use. Great features.

  28. This game rides on the popularity of the Super Smash Bros. games by Nintendo. While Super Smash Flash is fairly fun, it’s successor, Super Smash Flash 2, by the same developer, is in the works. To check it out, as well as everything else by McLeod, check out his site.

  29. Jim Miranda | 23.05.2021 at 15:39 | Reply

    best ……best …best

  30. it install alot of unwanted software.

  31. Amaresh Das | 05.06.2021 at 04:59 | Reply

    Very detailed and perfectly designed. To bad it’s only part of the Maldives.

  32. Max 9 is superb.

  33. Anastasia | 13.06.2021 at 03:50 | Reply

    Works without Problems.

  34. Total unintuive piece of garbage.

  35. Sunny Cloud | 25.06.2021 at 15:37 | Reply


  36. Dianne P. Bercero | 01.07.2021 at 19:23 | Reply

    I found no cons in using this product at all.

  37. SATISH GUNJAL | 07.07.2021 at 06:31 | Reply

    Nothing major. Beware of C/net’s advertising software in the installer.

  38. Battle McKenize | 12.07.2021 at 17:31 | Reply

    has a problem with the current version opening Google+ everytime i start up the virtual machine.

  39. ማዳን የእግዚአብሔር ነው | 18.07.2021 at 14:05 | Reply

    it messed up adobe 9, which i had to uninstall, and try and install 9.1, which i cannot. an error message comes up of 1402, which no one seems to be able to fix.

  40. Extra good program for making photo books.

  41. Not enough users are commenting on it to date to bring out its true worth. I tried it, and found it to be worth while for its personal touch.

  42. bosssmasho | 01.08.2021 at 19:18 | Reply

    Beats the competition

  43. It wouldn’t do a thing. I tried all day and all it would do is freeze and crash before finnishing even one file!

  44. ashraf kaka | 12.08.2021 at 23:52 | Reply

    Did not actually convert files- just created a new “file” that was a whopping 0 bytes large.

  45. Kannad abhimani | 15.08.2021 at 06:39 | Reply

    Acronis have given True Image 2012 a face-lift however the core of the program has somehow been destroyed. Networking functionality is exceptionally poor, it crashes regularly with very complex error messages that are now supported, backups cannot be recovered (seriously!) and it is exceptionally slow. For example, I changed the network address on our network drive and this caused Acronis to crash (one example of dozens).

    WARNING: All support after the initial 30 day “try before you buy” period must be paid for – and considering how the program is full of bugs and crashes on a regular basis and error messages are not supported – I WOULD STRONGLY RECOMMEND AVOIDING ACRONIS 2012 – as you will receive no help from Acronis unless you swipe your card a second time…

    By the way – they seem to have off shored support – if you do get help (e-mail) it will be from a robot who thinks your a complete and utter idiot and tell you everything except for what you asked for.

  46. samewardson | 17.08.2021 at 06:49 | Reply

    It will only rip 15% of whatever DVD you give it unless you buy the full version. Why bother?

  47. Abel Babalola | 22.08.2021 at 15:56 | Reply

    Thankfully, while browsing, I came across iYogi Technical Services which was offering 24x7x365 services at affordable prices. I tried to get in touch with iYogi experts via its toll free number. I was bit surprised to see such a quick response from their end. One of its technicians answered my call and asked me to explain the problem that I was encountering. The iYogi technician not only explained the main cause behind the glitches, but also told me to get the Support Dock (PC optimizing tool) installed on my PC for easy functioning. With Support Dock installed on my PC, everything has become very easy and quick to operate. I am really thankful to the iYogi guy for showing me the right solution to all my PC worries.

  48. themasterofROBLOX3: | 28.08.2021 at 09:31 | Reply

    No complaints!

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