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Copy data form iOS devices to the PC TouchCopy with crack allows you to transfer files between your iPod/iPhone and your PC. With TouchCopy registeration keys you’ll be able to make backups of your playlists for instance Retrieves music, playlists, photos and videos from iPhone, iPad or iPod and restores the media files to your iTunes library by preventing re-syncing TouchCopy 16.52 codes is a valuable application that provides total connectivity between our computer and our iPod or iPhone. This application has a simple interface similar to a file explorer, from which we’ll be able to access our device with total ease.

TouchCopy For Pc Free Download

TouchCopy 16.52 license code is a powerful tool that offers a fast, easy and convenient method of transferring music, photos, and other data between iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod) and your computer. While other similar data transfer apps are focused on the photo transfer from iPhone to PC, TouchCopy For Pc Free Download is more suitable for the transfer of music. Therefore, it can contain all your song data, including ratings, play counts and album art in the transfer job. Furthermore, it can transfer any kind of sound files, including podcasts, audiobooks and iPhone ringtones. The transfer of videos is also supported.

Unlike other similar applications, TouchCopy 16.52 Full Version Free Download can transfer all the data stored on your iOS device to your PC (not only the music and videos). Thus, you can use it to extract and copy your SMS conversation logs, voicemails, address book entries, calendars, notes and ringtones. In addition to this, it can also backup content to internal or external hard drives. Once the transfer is finished, TouchCopy serial code displays what songs have and haven't been copied in the 'Reports' section, allowing you to view the songs that still need to be transferred.


  • Lacks an offline help guide
  • Comes with a built-in audio player
  • You can preview photos
  • You can back up the data from your iPod, iPhone or iPad device
  • Easy-to-use interface
TouchCopy full version with keygen download

TouchCopy 16.52 full version with crack is designed to help you perform content transfers between your iPod or other iOS device and your computer. It is compatible with all iPod, iPhone and iPad versions and allows you to backup multimedia files, apps, messages, contacts, audio books, call logs, calendars and so on. One of the main advantages of this application is that it allows you to safely restore your iTunes library in case you lost it due to data corruption or system infection. Not only that you can transfer all your music and video back to iTunes, but TouchCopy 16.52 Activator Free Download can prevent iTunes from re-syncing your device, thus ensuring that your playlists, song details, ratings and artwork are safe.

System Requirement:

  • All models of iPod, iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad.
  • Apple iTunes 10 or higher.
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 or 4.
  • Windows 10 32/64 bit, Windows 8 32/64 bit, Windows 7 32/64 bit, Windows Vista 32/64 bit
  • Homepage:
  • Author Wide Angle Software
  • Last version 16.52

Thanks to TouchCopy I finally found a way to view the pictures on my father’s iPod which are very dear to me. When I open any picture, they all (1074 pics) have the same blurriness. This happens because my TouchCopy version is the free version?

Yes, you pictures have the same blurriness effect because you’re using a free version of TouchCopy. With this version you are not able to copy them to your computer. You can purchase the full version from the official web page for 29.99 dollars.

I would like to copy songs from an iPod to my PC but the iPod was formatted using a Mac. The TouchCopy software tells me that I need to format the iPod for Windows. Will I lose all the songs on the iPod if I do this?

Yes, you will lose all your data if you’re formatting your iPod. I suggest downloading and installing the trial version of MacDrive from the official web page. This is an application developed by Mediafour Corporation, that will allow your Windows computer to read iPod. Once MacDrive is installed, just open it, connect your device, open up TouchCopy and you should be able to transfer the songs.

What’s new in last version?

Version 16.52 provides bug fixes and enhancements.
Provides minor bug fixes and improvements, as well as the ability to copy internet history as CSV, and message export format options.
Version 16.40 adds compatibility for iTunes from the Microsoft Store.
Adds sorting functionality for music and iTunes compatibility fixes.
Added support for iTunes Microsoft Store app.
Support for iTunes Microsoft Store app.
Version 16.27 adds support for transfer of HEIC formatted images from iOS 11 devices to computer.
ersion 16.17 adds the ability to copy reminders from iOS devices.
improvements in backup of iPhone WhatsApp messages
Version 16.03 adds compatibility with iOS10 and iPhone 7.

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  1. Maymay Maymay | 09.02.2021 at 01:03 | Reply

    Moved songs from my iPhone to my PC, nice and easy to use!

  2. Daisy Guaty | 13.02.2021 at 13:01 | Reply

    Great program to transfer iPhone music and other files to your new computer. I used it when I bought a new Windows 8 computer and it worked brilliantly.

  3. Adam Taylor | 15.02.2021 at 21:57 | Reply

    Great program to transfer iPhone music and other files to your new computer. I used it when I bought a new Windows-8 computer and it worked brilliantly.

  4. Mike Mollan | 22.02.2021 at 18:37 | Reply

    Do I need to have my iPhone jailbreaked or will it work on stock iOS?

  5. You don’t need your iPhone jailbreaked. TouchCopy works with all models of iPhone, iPod and iPad and all versions of iOS.

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  7. Don’t know yet.

  8. Something is going on behind as if we aint suppose to know?

  9. PRAVIN INGLE | 14.03.2021 at 00:08 | Reply

    it was only a trial

  10. It is cool

  11. Sunny Cloud | 24.03.2021 at 13:02 | Reply

    A fine software to deal with.. It is a software that will make one’s collection perfect..

  12. the walking is a bit jerky and follows wierd patterns.

  13. Unable to use, memory access violation on Vista when attempting to import a QIF file.

  14. AlaisterLim | 06.04.2021 at 07:08 | Reply

    keep it up – mick

  15. Heavy weight compared to the built in Chrome PDF viewer

  16. It is hard to get it ALL off of the computer (uninstall will not rid you of it) But the pieces left behind seem innocuous and benign. It has a lot of fluff and useless stuff (sticky notes, organizers) . . .

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