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You may use the handy wizard to easily import the bitmap image. After importing the file that you need to convert, select the conversion mode. The “Fully automatic” mode performs the image tracing with a single click and it is recommended for the most users. You can use “Basic” and “Advanced” modes if you need to choose specific settings for the image vectorization. The image tracing process consists of three steps. First you need to specify the colors that will be used in the vectorization process. You also have the option to let the program choose what colors to use. The next two steps are the Image Segmentation (where the application breaks the image into segments and turns them into shapes) and the Path Smoothing (the shapes are brought together into a smooth vectorized image).

Vector Magic Activation Code

Vector Magic key automatically converts bitmap images like JPEGs, GIFs and PNGs to the crisp, clean, scalable vector art of EPS, SVG, and PDF. Vector Magic Free Crack automatically converts bitmap images like JPEGs, GIFs and PNGs to the crisp, clean… Automatically convert JPG, PNG, BMP, and GIF bitmap images to true EPS, SVG, and PDF vector images online by simply uploading them. Real full-color tracing, no software to install and results are ready right away.

The second mode is called “Basic” and requires the user’s input a few times. So, after loading the picture, it is required to choose the type of image (photograph, artwork with blended edges or artwork without blended edges) and to select the output or input details, depending on the previous choice. There are also three color modes available. The recommended choice is “Unlimited colors”, but it’s also possible to opt for “Two colors” or a custom set. For the latter, the program suggests a series of color palettes to choose from. The last step allows users to review the result by modifying the detail level and the color scheme.


  • More accurate than other image vectorization applications
  • None
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Vector Magic 1.15 activated Desktop Edition is a program that’s very easy to use thanks to the complex wizards it comes with. However, in order to create scalable vectors in the “Advanced” mode, you need at least some previous experience with this type of image editors. Vector Magic 1.15 Full Version Activation Code Desktop Edition automatically converts bitmaps into vector images. It offers the same features as the Vector Magic 1.15 pin webservice. This piece of software is a great solution to save precious time when it comes to converting low resolution images into vector illustrations. The interface of the program is easy to use and self-explanatory.

System Requirement:

  • At least a pentium III class processor
  • A recommended minimum of 512 megabytes of RAM
  • Windows Vista, Windows XP
  • Homepage:
  • Author Vector Magic, Inc.
  • Last version 1.15

38 Comments on "Vector Magic 1.15 Full Version Activator"

  1. Joe Bayagau | 18.01.2021 at 03:08 | Reply

    Unique product; cost prohibitive; snobbish communications.

  2. Ehab Roshdy Eskarous | 21.01.2021 at 05:39 | Reply

    App.Cat is a scam.

  3. Yurii Makovetsky | 28.01.2021 at 04:42 | Reply

    So far no problem.

  4. best ssh-tool i found

  5. Sean Wyseman | 04.02.2021 at 15:16 | Reply

    The program locks up sometimes.

  6. The only thing I noticed was some problems syncing distribution lists created on different devices (desktop, laptop). The solution is to save your distribution lists locally.

  7. I like HP Image Zone very much because I´ve leaarned how to use it and of the things I use it for it does what I need it to do. Although it is not The Gimp or PhotoShop. I use it to view, crop, recrop, make minor lighting, brightness, color, or tint changes, rename and print fotos. HP has replaced it with a new improved version and no longer provides it for download from it´s site. Thanks to this site, I downloaded ImageZone recently and I am able to use this loved program again.

  8. Kenneth Sørensen | 19.02.2021 at 07:31 | Reply

    I now wish I had bought the larger version

  9. rohit raj | 25.02.2021 at 18:17 | Reply

    Absolutely none that I had found.

  10. Very easy to install and use, fast download, lots of free crosswords online

  11. alonefirell | 04.03.2021 at 22:34 | Reply

    How to remove Taskbar Antamedia Internet Cafe?

  12. Daniells Wabuge | 10.03.2021 at 16:02 | Reply

    finding out what type file you have to begin with is allways tricky. then, trying to figure out which type file your site will accept. these are not faults of the software. but challenges for the operator

  13. Mary Dana Baird | 17.03.2021 at 10:10 | Reply

    see below – where does one start!

  14. Sayantan Sarkar | 21.03.2021 at 02:51 | Reply

    Terrible-After first backup it corrupted my operating system–further, it gave me serious memory errors when I tried to uninstall. Be careful with this software–should be called malware.

  15. After installation of Adobe 8 my computer wouldn’t shut down. After several tries each resulted in the same results. Restored to date before Adobe 8 and no problems. I tried installing making sure all anti-virus or spyware protection was off and still same results. Restored back to present date without Adobe 8 and no problems. Wish I could download Adobe 7 again, didn’t have any problems with it.

  16. You have to pay $50.00 if you have more than 2 accounts after a month, otherwise it’s free, after you register it. Will not update.

  17. Kicks me off when I do remote sessions on other people’s computers. If that were fixed I’d give 5/5

  18. it’s good

  19. Bjørg Meland | 10.04.2021 at 23:45 | Reply

    Uhm the menus are VERY complicated. Ive been trying to find the d*** red eye remover to no avail. I don’t know if its because that its just a free trial but i feel some tools are missing..hmmm..maybe if i download it again it will work. Another thing is that it runs veryyy slow Ugh!..basically i don’t even use it. I don’t have the patience for it. I’m very disappointed with photoshop they usually do so well.

  20. None. It works for me.

  21. Very slow, lied about how much space it took, takes forever to view anything or even startup, and updates like it’s a constant problem

  22. Audie Collins | 24.04.2021 at 10:48 | Reply

    Everything, there must be something better out there, I hate to give it even one star.

  23. Daniel Shafner | 30.04.2021 at 06:07 | Reply

    my game is not working with windows 7…

  24. Jose Rosales | 05.05.2021 at 13:29 | Reply

    Super Psd viewer.

  25. Filesponge | 10.05.2021 at 02:56 | Reply

    Uh, it doesn’t work

  26. backtounity | 14.05.2021 at 11:15 | Reply

    it dident decode any of my movies to burn that I made in windows movie maker. And when I removed it from add remove it was still there. If you have the link to get free software to burn media files in windows movie maker please email me. [email protected]

  27. Dayakar Dubey | 17.05.2021 at 04:08 | Reply

    best email extractor

  28. Borhan Alday | 23.05.2021 at 08:06 | Reply

    the video freezes/skips every few seconds making it virtually unwatchable and the subtitles are stuck on.

  29. DavePC000 | 29.05.2021 at 16:50 | Reply

    I like what it can do.

  30. bundled software updating is horrible

  31. Steve Harshbarger | 08.06.2021 at 07:52 | Reply

    Audio Sound Recorder is so effective.

  32. Umesh Dal | 13.06.2021 at 06:47 | Reply

    Would love to have a feature to go back in the timeline and re-record part of the video. So if I a make a mistake while capturing, I don’t have to restart from the beginning.

  33. its too hard to learn

  34. Alex Nachev | 20.06.2021 at 13:26 | Reply

    Fails more often than not. It will continue to process and process until the application is cancelled. Then a Fatal Exception error will finally show up.

  35. Download 8.1.1 update and it locked our computers out of our office network. Had to uninstall adobe 8 and reset office network.

  36. quick and fast what more do you want ?

  37. This is a very good and clear track of calling in my destination.

  38. R G Panneerselvam | 06.07.2021 at 13:46 | Reply

    I had a big problem finding answers to how exactly to go about using this program once I installed it. The BitTorrent homepage has very little about how to use this program and the forum (personally I find most program’s forums time consuming to find an answer that helps when an email to customer support if it were available would most likely answer your questions directly) was of little to no help either. I woulodn’t recommend this program if you’re not already well versed in using torrents.

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