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M. Hoefse has developed this program entirely friendly for the user avoiding any kind of complications in the installation or usage. As an example if you already installed the software and you update your system maybe some files that keep the Vista Theme could be affected, but due the anticipation of the developer their is an extra soft letting you update your system without compromise your VistaMizer free full download.

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Change the appearance of your Windows XP by giving it the Vista look with this application, which provides you with various customization options Turn your Windows XP into Vista, but keep the XP. Transform Windows XP on Windows Vista using VistaMizer 4.3 Full Version Registration Code. Having the graphical interface of Vista on your obsolete OS is possible if you download VistaMizer 4.3 For Windows Download Download VistaMizer full version setup – Change the appearance of your Windows XP by giving it the Vista look with this application, which provides you with various customization options

It can transform your Windows XP into the look of Windows Vista VistaMizer 4.3 serial keys brings the Windows Vista interface to your Windows XP desktop. Thanks to this complete pack, managing to make the design of the menus, buttons and other objects of your Windows operating system to look like those of Windows Vista (very similar to those of Windows 7) is very simple.

Apply Vista’s visual style to your computer

This Windows Vista theme for Windows XP works in a very simple fashion, you only have to install it, restart it and see how your system has changed. Where you used to have blue bars with red buttons you will now find the polished interface that was launched with Vista.


  • Couldnt avoid changes in case of updates, is needed to run the extra program
  • No all the options description are in english even you choose the language, during the installation
  • Excelent Management of Resources
  • Open Settings for Configurations
  • Option to create a restore point
VistaMizer free download

It's so good that this soft let you include its roles in a Bootable ISO image allowing you to customize your own system from the installation itself, just imagine having XP compatibility with almost all with the designed beautiful look from the beginning. The author has a complete FAQ of the soft, updating the website and updating the version repairing any imperfection, the only bad thing is that the author to reduce traffic only provides a link to download the soft as a torrent, by everything else all that you provide after using the software are thumbs up.

System Requirement:

I installed VistaMizer on Windows Server 2003, and I get the Vista icons, but the task bar remained the same and I get the Start Orb sitting on partly on top of the old Start button. I ran the UltraUXThemePatcher but it didn’t solve the problem. Any ideas out there?

go to your desktop and click the right button, go to properties, aparence and chose the vista.

What’s new in last version?

Error with installer and uninstaller solved
Small adjustments to the theme
Bugfix in uninstaller, which did not a reset of some components
Representation errors during copying dialogues repaired
Theme now available also for 48px icons
Standard cursor replaces, so that now also again those copy and shift symbols are shown
problem with the assumption of the sounds, barrier PAPER, etc. repaired
errors with the De-Installations routine repaired

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50 Comments on "VistaMizer premium"

  1. ActiveDancer | 14.02.2021 at 06:49 | Reply

    It is awesome……..

  2. Iman Tareefi | 17.02.2021 at 21:01 | Reply

    It is cool

  3. Dr. Arvind Jinjar | 23.02.2021 at 09:31 | Reply


  4. excellent

  5. Beautiful, safe, compact.

  6. gallu_sidhu | 10.03.2021 at 19:47 | Reply

    Animation Shop is a nice & easy tool!

  7. * Can be overwhelming for novices

  8. None, that I have seen!

  9. Siddhi Pratap Khan | 24.03.2021 at 01:20 | Reply

    Thanks a lot.

  10. I bought this product counted on reliable product. I produced web site, but some pages didn’t work with another browsers – Firefox, Netscape etc. I contacted company, but they refused to resolve it. The HTML code is OK, but generated java scripts are unreliable

  11. Still using the program and besides a few annoying moving toolbars, I can’t complain

  12. I can’t find anything wrong with it – should I?

  13. Takes hours to remove the junk. When I was using it, surfing through all the program’s it has,a virus tryed to attack my computer!!! Be cautious!

  14. prashanth g karkera | 15.04.2021 at 10:58 | Reply

    Try something that works.

  15. Mike Lance | 17.04.2021 at 22:20 | Reply

    Awesome software. can finally post pictures from PC after editing on photoshop. however, I would like to post multiple photos like as the new insta feature.

  16. I used it and got complete Zimbra to Office 365 conversion result. I directly converted my all data of Zimbra to Office 365 without missing any details.

  17. iYogi customer service reps are knowledgeable and amiable. But they have a very heavy Indian accent. So, whenever I call them for assistance, I use a chat tool for communicating.

  18. Cecille Erwin | 29.04.2021 at 07:57 | Reply

    Excellent source to improve one’s knowledge.

  19. Doesn’t work as advertised.

  20. Not for the person on the run…

  21. 15 day trial crap

  22. RAJESH KUMAR NAIK | 16.05.2021 at 22:28 | Reply

    seems IObit Stole Defs from MBAM
    so i cant trust it…

  23. birgitta andersson | 21.05.2021 at 02:49 | Reply

    Also doesn’t convert Raw at all, saying “Format not supported”. And yes, it’s been a music-raw. Simply sad.

  24. binod sabar | 24.05.2021 at 14:02 | Reply

    I am also facing the below mentioned problems. Please advise.

  25. JEFF DURHAM | 29.05.2021 at 05:21 | Reply

    Is it free? How to install Nudi?

  26. Haven’t found any yet. 🙂

  27. John Danjuma Laah | 06.06.2021 at 09:00 | Reply

    I guess the only con would be having to make sure that you choose the “Don’t install the Crawler Toolbar” during the install.

  28. GABRIEL ROBINSON | 08.06.2021 at 15:07 | Reply

    You need to know your programs before you delete or clean. You could actually remove the workability of a good program.

  29. MINGZHU ZHANG | 13.06.2021 at 12:58 | Reply

    Not any. But it would be better if there are more scan choices.

  30. Easy to use and learn.

  31. doreswamya | 23.06.2021 at 10:32 | Reply

    Windows already does it

  32. Although I got tricked initially as not all the buttons displaying the download would give you this app. Initially I downloaded something which added a toolbar. Kinda tricky!
    And I just found out that this works only if you’re using the desktop and not if you’re using other apps in the start screen for Windows 8.1.

  33. Devi Narayanasamy | 02.07.2021 at 20:36 | Reply

    none to be honest

  34. I got a 0 byte output file. Tried to convert a few WMAs to MP3 and it failed. No error message.

    Be careful on installation – asks to install a toolbar and other crud.

  35. Audie Df Legoh | 14.07.2021 at 01:12 | Reply

    No control over move vs. copy. Wish I could have it move files rather than just copy.

  36. legendary123 | 18.07.2021 at 13:44 | Reply

    I love it

  37. Am I the one who use the best software of Picasa? I really appreciate it!

  38. jr schlaak | 27.07.2021 at 13:04 | Reply

    no bad points yet to find

  39. Have none so far, just set and forget.

  40. I found none

  41. A tons of cons (don’t have time to list but this is ridiculous version I’ve ever upgraded)

  42. Ken Zimbelman | 08.08.2021 at 05:46 | Reply

    None at this time. Aside from taking a few minutes to learn….all worked as it says.

  43. Hamad Sakaaf | 12.08.2021 at 08:12 | Reply

    Stereo audio, high definition, easy-to-use interface— makes you feel like in a cinema. Watch Blu-ray Movies with family on weekends. What a cozy life! Since my brother bought this player, we knew how to spent a long summer. Of course, I should prepare peanuts and fruits. Wonderful!

  44. Nigéria Pereira Gonçalves | 17.08.2021 at 10:08 | Reply


  45. You pretty much have to figure this out on your own. The Help menu is more like a glossary and there is no manual to download or forums from their website. I just started using it and figured things out as I went along, so this may be whay you’ll have to do.

  46. Couldn’t convert wma to wav or mp3.

  47. would be nice if the stock shape set included a horizontal cylinder as well as the vertical one (or i just didn’t figure out how to turn it that direction)

  48. I hate how we have to pay for auto-matic scans, oh well.

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