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In addition, there is also a small icon available from the System Tray, which allows setting various options, performing basic system operations (such as restarting, shutting down, sleeping and hibernating), and exiting the program itself. The program allows customizing the appearance of your Start Menu substitute. For this purpose, there are various themes available and you can also personalize other aspects, including your profile picture and Start Button.

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The graphic evolution of Windows operating systems has been almost non-existent, Windows 95 and 98 were practically identical, Windows XP included the themes, but it wasn’t until Windows Vista that the interface received a real revision, that has been maintained in Windows 7, with a few improvements that the users of Windows XP will also be able to enjoy thanks to ViStart Full Version Registered .

In general, ViStart 8.1 Full Version Activation Code can be a solution for users who are fond of the Start menu. Although it works not only on Windows 8 but previous Windows versions as well, I do not recommend using it on Windows 7 or Vista, as it will create an unnecessary duplicate of the Start Menu. ViStart pre-Activated can be a solution for users who are fond of the Start menu Provides you with a small set of themes and skins for your computer’s Start menu that not only change its appearance but its functionality as well


  • It is easy to use
  • It supports various themes
  • It does not allow performing quick searches
  • It allows customization
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Bring the Windows 7 and Vista menus to Windows 8

This application changes the aspect and features of the Start Menu of Windows XP and makes it look and work like Windows Vista and Windows 7. The Windows XP operating system appeared at the beginning of 2001 and is still being used on many computers nowadays. It’s stable and reliable, and even though the new systems have gained in usability, Windows XP is still as valid, but nevertheless some of the improvements, like the one applied to the Start Menu, are a real step forward, and that is why using ViStart serials can make a real change.

System Requirement:

  • Homepage:
  • Author Lee Matthew Chantrey
  • Last version

What’s new in last version?

Support for Windows 10
No more adware
Fixed Orb misalignment issues in Windows 8.1 (All orbs should work now)
Fixed 64bit app shortcuts not working in Windows 8
Added better ViPad integration
ViStart now loads a default settings.xml in the event the user's settings.xml is corrupt
ViStart has much better Windows 8.1 support (Orb integrates without 'odd' spacer)
Orb on Windows 7, Windows 8.1 aligns better to taskbar
English.xml language file fixed (improper XML before)
Installer no longer deletes previous settings.xml (thus preserving original settings)
Added better DPI detection (150%, Windows 8)
Added ViPad integration (pin apps to ViPad from ViStart)
[installer fix] Support for multiple window users
[installer fix] admin no longer required to run and install vistart
[added windows 8 blue start menu to installer]
[added new ViUpdater to installer]
[makes previous vistart installations inert, still better to remove before installing this though]

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18 Comments on "ViStart full version setup"

  1. This vendor is non-responsive and even after purchasing, I cannot get the license key to unlock the product.

  2. Jan Schultz | 05.02.2021 at 14:08 | Reply

    nothing serious, the GUI could be better, but doesn’t affect the functionality at all

  3. Christian Bauhofer | 09.02.2021 at 17:42 | Reply

    I’ve used this program for some time, and despite I use a Dual Monitor system, it seems to hold up against un-authorised access. Only the Primary monitor experiences the Lockout style screen (Screensaver/screen fade and password box), the other only appears accessible. Any attempts to access it via mouse clicks, the Mouse pointer pings back to the Primary Monitor preventing left/right-click abilities.

  4. Patrick Perea | 12.02.2021 at 06:15 | Reply

    This program is a waste of time.

  5. Joshua Robertson | 14.02.2021 at 10:52 | Reply

    considering that i’ll only ever use the defrag feature, available free as diskdefrag, and the registry cleaner, paying 30 bucks for this program seems quite high. still, for people who are looking for an easy maintenance solution this is probably your best bet.

  6. inoperable

  7. it doesnt neither slow your computer

  8. rutul rock | 02.03.2021 at 07:21 | Reply

    Thankfully, while browsing, I came across iYogi Technical Services which was offering 24x7x365 services at affordable prices. I tried to get in touch with iYogi experts via its toll free number. I was bit surprised to see such a quick response from their end. One of its technicians answered my call and asked me to explain the problem that I was encountering. The iYogi technician not only explained the main cause behind the glitches, but also told me to get the Support Dock (PC optimizing tool) installed on my PC for easy functioning. With Support Dock installed on my PC, everything has become very easy and quick to operate. I am really thankful to the iYogi guy for showing me the right solution to all my PC worries.

  9. Can it show our console ID? That would be great. I know it is possible, just need to find out how.

  10. vu khac thang | 10.03.2021 at 06:07 | Reply

    any company that offers a limited trial against a full trial is kidding themselves, it is hardly worth the download space. Take them off Ur List Please.

  11. Result from testing | 17.03.2021 at 04:14 | Reply

    I have nothing negative to say about this product.

  12. Easily DELETES .VHD files it has no business messing with. Seems to have difficulty maintiaining connection with USB 3 drive, necessitating manual re-connect.

  13. not unfettered as Editor says,you cannot use the registry optimizer unless you buy the program, slows computer,running windows 7

  14. Jerrold F Garling | 31.03.2021 at 15:11 | Reply

    When calling sometimes, VOIP is disconnected. This is a continuous problem for Jumblo.

  15. unable to download

  16. Dwain Person | 07.04.2021 at 06:33 | Reply

    It won’t fully convert unless you upgrade. You know what that means. Upgrade = Pay Money. Therefore its not truly a free app. When it did convert, it didn’t keep my margins and had an ad for upgrading on the document.

  17. Lamia Gazel ILDIR | 13.04.2021 at 09:45 | Reply

    no cons with regard to the version I used.

  18. Ubaid Lof | 16.04.2021 at 15:11 | Reply

    Does not work in United Kingdom.

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