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WildBit Viewer reg keys

When it comes to viewing photos, it supports rotating, zooming or comparing them, viewing their metadata, setting them as desktop wallpaper, and many more. The functions of the editor are a lot more numerous, being impressively versatile and potent, surpassed only by leviathans like Photoshop. Except working with layers, almost anything you can think of when it comes to image editing is also provided by this tool.

WildBit Viewer full setup

WildBit Viewer 6.5 Full Version Activator is compact & fast image viewer with slide show and editor. WildBit Viewer 6.5 Registration Code is a suite that consists of five separate applications which allow you to view, edit and search for image files, as well as create slideshows and manage profiles.

Locate and view your picture collection

In the "Viewer" you can use the Explorer-based layout to locate and view images. So, you can rotate them, switch to thumbview, enter full screen mode, zoom in and out, view image info and set a picture as wallpaper. Furthermore, you can create a favorites list, set a rating and color label, compare images, generate a file listing, and more.

Viewer also includes shell toolbar, you can drop your favorite folder there and use it as an organizer. It also includes image compare. In Compare you can compare images side-by-side. In Favorites you can save list of favorite images and load list later on and you can create custom show in to Slide Show also that list you can edit with Custom Show List Editor. With Slide Show you can view images within 176 different transition effects. Slide Show includes now multi-monitor support for fast switching between two monitors. WildBit Viewer 6.5 Full Version portable supports all major graphic formats including BMP, JPEG, JPEG 2000, GIF, PNG, PCX, TIFF, WMF and TGA (over 70 formats).


  • Comprehensive range of editing functions and tools
  • Slideshow viewer with a lot of transition effects
  • Support for a lot of file formats
  • Resource-friendly and lightweight
  • Effective image search system
  • Neat and intuitive interface
  • None that I can think of
  • Reasonably snappy performance. “Shuffle” has memory; going backwards really will show the image that was just up. Marking specific photos during slideshow is a useful feature; which there were multiple marks, which would make keywording images much easier.
  • Nothing and your rating system stinks.
  • Not easy to go from browsing a directory of images to viewing/editing individual images.
WildBit Viewer Full Version Activation Key

WildBit Viewer 6.5 registeration keys offers users the ability to view, edit, and design slideshows with their pictures. With simple commands and fantastic results, photo lovers will find a lot to enjoy here. We immediately felt that even novice computer users could navigate this program with its clearly labeled and intuitive layout; we didn’t even need to visit the Help file to get started. Through an onscreen file tree we were immediately given the opportunity to view our photo folders as either an entire collection of thumbnails or a single large shot at a time.

System Requirement:

  • Celeron 300MHz
  • 128 MB RAM
  • 10.5 MB (~w/o help 8.5 MB)
  • Windows 10 32/64 bit, Windows 2008 R2, Windows 2003, Windows 8 32/64 bit, Windows 7 32/64 bit
  • Homepage: www.wildbit-soft.fi
  • Author Marko Hietanen
  • Last version 6.5

What’s new in last version?

Changed <> Updated ImageEn to 8.7.6 version.
Changed <> Updated Eurekalog.
Changed <> Updated Dev IDE to newest version.
Changed <> Image Info: Now mini info scrolls to top and mini info can resized.
Added new file formats *.wdp;*.hdp;*.jxr;*.dds;*.heic;*.heif;*.heics;*.avcs;*.heifs;*.webp
Added Main+BigScreen: Selection Zoom (Ctrl+L). Updated Dev IDE to newest version.
Slide Show:
Updated Dev IDE to newest version.

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  1. not what I wanted

  2. Gregory Rudman | 31.01.2021 at 14:45 | Reply


  3. it takes much resources of memory

  4. it install alot of unwanted software.

  5. Eldred Troudt | 15.02.2021 at 15:42 | Reply

    None that I can see at the moment

  6. But it is not convenient when small files.

  7. elizabeth | 25.02.2021 at 01:05 | Reply

    Not found any thing on the downside yet, give it time and if I find anything wrong will write again

  8. The best cleaning & optimization suite you are going to find today.

  9. But it crashes all the time.

  10. i dont know much about pc,however i found ASC very complete,so with my no knowledge i like it.checca

  11. It really removes all kinds of ads.

  12. Aayush Kapoor | 16.03.2021 at 11:28 | Reply

    Indian Tech support, has froze up running 1 click system scan and doing disk check on restart with no way to cancel process and restart windows.

  13. Anantha Krishna K S | 20.03.2021 at 21:10 | Reply

    thank you for free offer

  14. gelotsanju | 23.03.2021 at 02:13 | Reply

    Does it work with ActiveX components?

  15. Prasanth Kurian | 26.03.2021 at 19:52 | Reply

    None really, it did what it said it would do. I would like a feature to show the amount of memos, contacts etc. stored in the backup before extracting.

  16. I want to install AvatorBox on my laptop. What am I going to do?

  17. After one of the (qresolve (paid ADR techs)) used a previously installed copy of Easeus Partition Master pro 6.5.1 to re-initialize/quick format the disk ADR (see summary).

  18. There is now a widget which opens everytime you use this app. That’s OK but when you’re finished with the capture, the widget doesn’t close. It has to be shut down manually. That’s very annoying. In the options box there is a choice to show the widget (check the box) or don’t show the widget (uncheck the box). I have unchecked it time and again and it just rechecks itself each time. There is an option to hide the widget. But then it peeks out at you with a blue streak on the left side of the screen. Too much for me.

  19. Sean Secker | 15.04.2021 at 05:29 | Reply

    …however it proved to be useless because the scheduled tasks don’t run. Don’t take my word for it, look at the Acronis website and their forum. Lots of people complaining about this in version 11. I uninstalled.

  20. It would be better if I could see weather predictions for up to a month in advance.

  21. Not as useful as hoped.

  22. best email extractor

  23. nakadahertdo | 06.05.2021 at 14:45 | Reply

    Lacks interpretation of results for the layperson.

  24. First you need to install Winrar, then open it.

  25. Sneetsher | 16.05.2021 at 18:25 | Reply

    Do you have Brain Trainer for Windows 7 or Windows 10, please?

  26. Gregory Rudman | 23.05.2021 at 16:21 | Reply

    Comes up free extension, but you have to install and update filters regularly so that it could do wonders! Still, it’s awesome!

  27. When I attempted to do a full backup of the system, the software just locks up the computer. Furthermore, I’ve had no response from Acronis regarding my refund request (which I sent 10 days ago).

  28. Jack Williams | 02.06.2021 at 04:42 | Reply

    Ok for the infrequest need to join 2 or more videos.

  29. Mikeotuus | 07.06.2021 at 17:03 | Reply

    I have found that Picasa is easy to use. Drag & drop the photos where you want, even between folders. It does all I require. Thank You.

  30. None really, The free service finds a lot of malware but to get the full benefit of the programme it is advisable to update to pro

  31. But I could not use it because when I connect my previously crashed external hard disk in question to my Vista machine, it detects the device but with an ‘Access Denied’ exception. This software was also not able to read the device.

  32. Simon Smillie | 18.06.2021 at 12:36 | Reply

    no cons very good

  33. VIVEK MISHRA | 23.06.2021 at 01:40 | Reply

    In variable bitrate mp3s, I noticed that there was a wrong duration time.

  34. sujit mandal | 28.06.2021 at 22:34 | Reply

    just perfect

  35. To many strings attached to it. You might run the risk of reinstalling your Operating System all over again to really get rid of that pest. Boy, Am I sorry I downloaded it.

  36. I like ACTIVprimary.

  37. I’ve had some major issues with LibreOffice on my mac. I am trying to move away from Microsoft Office so put up with them for a while but now its hopeless and this software has to go for good.

    – First issue, word docs, docx with lots of photos in keeps loosing images when I save, not sure what happens just left with a photo place holder.

    – Second Issue, sometimes when I save and send a docx to other people they cannot open, I have to re-save sometimes in .doc

    – Third issue, I have had problems on the last two documents I am working on that when I save the file and try and reopen it all but the 1st or 2nd page are simply gone. Cannot find or get back. This is despite the documents being old and worked on for sometime. In one case over 10 pages lost and could not be replaced.

    Lost hours of work as a result. Have bought mac pages now in desperation.

  38. NONE AT ALL!!!!

  39. Ejike Chukwuma Jacob Mike | 20.07.2021 at 23:38 | Reply

    i ain’t gay but the game is awful

  40. Okaion (ROBLOX user) | 24.07.2021 at 23:47 | Reply

    No cons as far as I can see it’s a good program that allows you to delete duplicate file and will even search across multipy hardrives for duplicate file something many programs willnot do.

  41. It’s $199 for the student version and around $599 or $699 for the regular one.

  42. Manthan Lal | 30.07.2021 at 07:16 | Reply

    so good. ..

  43. Dave Turner | 06.08.2021 at 04:35 | Reply

    Most of the fonts to replace the standard clock are quite juvenile, the program has become very buggy; freezing completely particularly when an alarm is due (it seems). There is no support forum, only support via e-mail (e.g. uninstall – reinstall)

  44. I looked for a défragmenteur, and I chose it, because I had never tried it, and it is so successful that I bought the whole suite, and do not regret it !

  45. sayyidrasheed | 13.08.2021 at 00:10 | Reply

    I can’t get it to quarantine, or erase the 8 cookies it keeps finding, says it removed them, but re-scan, and they’re there again. WEIRD!!

  46. prashanth g karkera | 19.08.2021 at 19:03 | Reply


  47. Using Win7Ult x64. After 2 weeks started crashing at every startup. Reinstall did not solve prob. Also many of the scan results had bogus entries, several appearing on EVERY network I scanned. Leaves a folder behind when uninstalling.

  48. biswajit bhattacharjee | 29.08.2021 at 09:39 | Reply

    Dear Leonardas, you should try the direct download from viber dot com. There is a separate installer for Windows XP.

  49. Full support at the developers website, no questions go unanswered. Love the support. Can’t think of any dislikes.

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