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Download Winamp Alternative free full download – A software solution that contains a handy package of codecs needed to play most commonly used audio file formats and radio stations Winamp is a very popular media player packed with a series of built-in codecs that are also required by other applications. If you wish to have those codecs installed on your computer, but you're not a fan of Winamp, the simplest solution we came across is Winamp Alternative full version with crack.

Provides codecs you need for playback

This application is the codec version of Winamp; it includes a package that comprises the most important codecs used to play multimedia files. The most obvious advantage is that it will not deploy Winamp on your system, but instead it provides you with Media Player Classic, which is a just-as-good player for most media formats.

Winamp Alternative Full Version keygen

Winamp Alternative 1.06 with keygen is a codec to winamp available as a freeware Winamp Alternative 1.06 registeration keys is a codec to winamp available as a freeware. You can also play Shoutcast streams by Nullsoft using this freeware. Winamp Alternative 1.06 Full Version key installs Windows Media Player Classic as well in your computer,thus it becomes a complete multimedia player. You can play any video or audio file using this software. Winamp Alternative 1.06 Registration Code supports almost every popular file format like,MP3,MP4,RM,VOB,WMA,AVI,OGG,AIFF,AU and the MIDI files. The Classic media player makes this software a recognised and easy to use multimedia player. Use the play,pause,stop and “go to” options to play ,pause or stop a file. Winamp Alternative 1.06 full version with crack has in-built audio and video decoders,which improves the video and sound quality. MPEG -video decoder offers gray scale video. Frame Step option can be used to see every single frame of the video. The rate of frames per second or the tempo of an audio file can be increased or decreased using the “increase and decrease rate” option. Winamp Alternative 1.06 with keygen can directly open a dvd disc.use the ‘OPEN DVD’ option to do so. Feature like “SAVE IMAGE” is very useful for making a screen shot or taking a picture .The image is saved to your computer’s clipboard. Finally Winamp Alternative Full Version Full Crack is a fully functioning classic multimedia player with user friendly interface and offers support for almost every audio and video file.

Easy deployment on your system

The installation procedure is not complicated and takes surprisingly little time, compared to the time required by Winamp installation, for instance. Your input is required as far as selecting the desired codecs. The most important ones in the list are the NSV (Nullsoft Streaming Video) plugins for Firefox and Internet Explorer that offer the browsers video streaming capabilities for this file format. Another set of useful codesc is the On2 VP6 / VP3, which come in handy if you often use applications such as Flash or JavaFX.


  • Winamp Alternative supports almost every audio and video file format like ,MP3,MP4,RM,VOB,WMA,AVI,OGG,AIFF,AU and the MIDI files and is very easy to use
  • some of the options does not work with every file format
Winamp Alternative Full Version Activation Code

Connect to your favorite radio station

Also worth mentioning are the AAC iTunes specific codecs and the ShoutCast splitter that enable you to play your favorite radio streams. Aside from the mentioned audio and video filters, Winamp Alternative 1.06 keygen offers the option to install Media Player Classic, provided that you don't already have a preferred media player.

In conclusion

All in all, Winamp Alternative full version free works in a similar way as QuickTime Alternative (a codec version of QuickTime), if you're more familiar with the latter. By including some of the most significant Winamp codecs, it prepares your system for video and ShoutCast streaming, without actually deploying the media player on your system. A software solution that contains a handy package of codecs needed to play most commonly used audio file formats and radio stations

System Requirement:

  • Homepage:
  • Author Winamp Alternative
  • Last version 1.06

What’s new in last version?

Bug Fixes and updates

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  1. Then go back to the drawing board as it is rubbish thanks for nothing. I have to reinstall Winamp as it plays CDG and MP3+G Karaoke.

  2. But it doesn’t support CDG and MP3+G.

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