WinXP Manager 8.0.1 full version setup

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– Process manager monitors all the applications running, you can set the priority level or can gather information about the process running from the Internet also. – Disk Cleaner keeps your computer clean by erasing junk files like, temporary files and Internet cookies. – Startup manager and Multimedia manager helps the user to configure system for easy access to media devices and media files. – Wallpaper changer, Shutdown manager, Icon manager, Shortcut creator and many other utility tools help the user maintaining the system for best performance. – In-built file splitter and merge tool for transferring data to other portable devices.

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WinXP Manager 8.0.1 Full Version Serial Key will allow you to clear the system of unnecessary files, solve the damage in the Windows Registry file, optimize the system startup, or to improve the graphic resources. It can also customize your browser, restrict the access to the system and optimize the Internet connection. Comprehensive program that can be used in order to change a wide range of options regarding to Windows XP, so as to improve the manner in which your computer runs

WinXP Manager Free Download Activator has a collection of tools to clean and optimize the Windows XP operating system. By means of a series of tools, you will be able to make your system work a lot faster and better, to increase its stability and security, you will even be able to customize Windows XP however you like.

Improve the performance of Windows XP

This collection of tools has a very simple and intuitive interface. WinXP Manager 8.0.1 full is divided into seven basic functions: system information, optimization, cleaning, customization, security, networks, and various tools. In each section, you will find tools that will help you to improve how the computer works.


  • None
  • A complete maintenance tool with all the features like, windows tweaks, process manager, access control, system cleaner, file splitter and many more
WinXP Manager keys

WinXP Manager key is complete maintenance and care tool for your computer. WinXP Manager 8.0.1 serials offers System information, Process manager, Optimizer, 1-click cleaner, Repair center, Start up manager, System speed booster, Junk file cleaner, Registry Cleaner, Wallpaper changer, Icon manager, Privacy protector, File Splitter, Shutdown manager and many more utility tools that can customize your system for best performance. WinXP Manager 8.0.1 full version has a system security manager that keeps an eye on all the process running. In simple words WinXP Manager 8.0.1 full version with crack and keygen is a complete solution for your Windows based tasks. Features: – Customize all the system settings like, enable/disable run menu, control panel, autorun, registry editor, task manager, folder menu, disable Windows keys. You can simply modify Windows original settings without using difficult commands, using simple clicks and check boxes.

System Requirement:

  • Pentium processor
  • 64 MB RAM
  • 10 MB free disk space
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0
  • Windows XP
  • Homepage:
  • Author Yamicsoft
  • Last version 8.0.1

What’s new in last version?

Repair Center updated to v3.0
Registry Cleaner updated to v12.0
Repair Center updated to v2.0
Add IP Switcher
Registry Cleaner updated to v11.3
Service Manager updated to v6.0
Privacy Protector updated to v3.1
Registry Cleaner updated to v11.2
Process Manager updated to v8.1
Process Manager updated to v8.0
Privacy Protector updated to v3.0

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  1. vikash kumar singh | 28.01.2021 at 23:10 | Reply

    This is one the best software I have come across!

  2. It works for some extend but…. anyway good

  3. kamlesh solanki | 05.02.2021 at 15:37 | Reply

    tried several utility bundles.This has saved my ass more than any other, except for ultimate & the best of the best, my FF4 rescue cd.

  4. It takes a lot of RAM speed and needs minimum 1GB RAM…have some unfixed bugs..need to improve a lot.

  5. After two months use I can say that WinXP Manager has many benefits, and provides increased performance to my machine. I like that it combines so many useful tweaks and Windows utilities in to one easy access and understandable format. Thus far this program has not caused any malfunctions. Additionally, it has backup features which allow you to return things to the way they were in the event that something goes wrong.

  6. Duke Devis | 22.02.2021 at 21:27 | Reply

    Can I install Aadhaar UCL software with an i5 processor?

  7. unable to uninstall,,, warning to the wise..stay away

  8. Ramadan Dahab | 04.03.2021 at 05:16 | Reply

    so much for free program. you have to pay 14.99 for each file type of conversion either way.

  9. Madalina Adriana | 07.03.2021 at 17:43 | Reply

    can’t think of anything

  10. A nice program.

  11. Not value for money.

  12. Loknath Das | 23.03.2021 at 17:11 | Reply

    You get spoiled by the great people at CNET and Their quality control superiority, Then something like this comes along and drives you insane. DONT WASTE YOUR TIME!

  13. Jose H. Jose-Head | 27.03.2021 at 09:21 | Reply

    When installed it locks up my browser, only unistalling flash player gets me back on-line. Can’t get any help from Adobe, no way to talk with them to solve problem.

  14. Helena Galani | 31.03.2021 at 10:13 | Reply

    Adobe’s PostScript language and Type 1 fonts, combined with the Apple Macintosh, Aldus PageMaker, and the original Apple LaserWriter, launched the “desktop publishing revolution,” and I love Adobe Photoshop. Unfortunately, Adobe discontinued Aldus’ PageMaker after acquiring it, which I believe was the same fate for Aldus FreeHand — because Adobe had InDesign (new and NOT PageMaker) and Illustrator (for which FreeHand was the only real competition). Adobe seems to have had major problems maintaining the stability, security, and compatibility of the products it acquired from Macromedia. The browser plug-ins for Adobe Flash Player and Adobe Shockwave (which I’ve found to be superfluous and do not install) are always cause FireFox to crash. On Linux, I have two free, open-source alternatives, which is not the cash on Windows (although the open-source alternatives cane easily be compiled and used with Mac OS X if you have XCode installed). I use the FlashBlocker add-on with Firefox, enabling Flash on the rare occasions that I want to watch a Flash video — with the added benefit of disabling Flash-based “Web bugs” and advertisements. I realize that Adobe has to create an ActiveX-based Flash BHO for Internet Explorer and that the Flash plug-in for Firefox is a DLL, but I rate Flash Player and Shockwave very poorly, because of the stability and security issues. Fortunately, I don’t use YouTube very often. (Have you ever learned anything from the grainy and over-compressed computer/software tutorials on YouTube based upon capturing screen activity and text that you cannot see or read?) I miss the days when Web-based videos were in QuickTime, WMV (or AVI), and RealVideo format, because Web designers created different sizes and compression levels to accommodate the wide range of analogue modems and pre-DSL-and-cable-modem “true” broadband connections in use (focusing on 14.4k and 56k/V.90 modems, and offering large streams of high quality to users with the luxury of T1/T3 connections). Ironically, QuickTime, WMC, and Real (audio and video) Player still exist (and fight for file formats on Windows systems), but Flash content is seemingly omnipresent. Fortunately, VLC — a free, open-source media player that handles almost every format (including DRM DVDs) — has a browser plug-in (for multiple platforms) and continues to evolve, although it does have trouble buffering WMV files and often downloads large ones rather than playing them as the “stream.” I was excited when Adobe announced its “open-source” Flex for Flash content on the Web, but it is an expensive, closed product. Real has an open-source server product, Helix, to allow Linux servers to offer Real content, which is a postive step. I wish that Adobe would open up the Flash format, even if it simple released the format/standard and developers had to create Flash content by hand-coding ActiveScript and previewing it in Flash Player. Adobe would benefit from open-source licensing, because any improvements to the ActionScript language would be released for free and improve the Flash infrastructure. (Of course, if Adobe were to use the open-source improvements to ActiveScript, it would be legally bound to release the code for improved releases of ActionScript — which still would benefit Adobe and users, especially Web developers who cannot afford Flash development tools. As soon as there is a viable alternative to Flash for Windows (which I will remove from this computer as soon as the warranty has expired), I feel obligated to install Flash. NOTE: I use the freeware program, Secunia PSI, which automatically checks and installs updates to ensure that I am always running the most current versions Flash and other major applications. There are other similar tools available, all free for personal use, although I do not recommend that you run them in the background unless you have an “always on” broadband connection and a reasonably fast computer.

  15. Myron M Miller | 03.04.2021 at 00:11 | Reply

    I purchased Mixcraft 7 registration code, but it doesn’t work for Mixcraft 6.1 so I would like to receive a refund.

  16. Abdul Hadi Zamani | 08.04.2021 at 04:24 | Reply

    i just hope there would be more output formats.

  17. The trial only gives you 50% conversion which makes the trial completely pointless, but I can say it’s worth the $$ to just go ahead and buy it if you are looking for an easy way to convert your avi’s and burn them to dvd.

  18. bahar uray | 17.04.2021 at 06:19 | Reply

    So far I’ve had to re-download and reinstall this version about 8 times already. Let’s see what happens with tonight’s!!!

  19. McAfee’s real time virus scanner reported the Trojan – Geneic dropper.jj – when downloading yesterday . Updated McAfee with latest DAT today, and no Trojan found in download or progam directory. It appears problem may have been fixed – hopefully.

  20. Chuka Anene | 25.04.2021 at 09:12 | Reply

    RoboHelp X5 has some fundamental bugs, is inflexible, and lacks obvious features. Also, support is limited to two incidents and takes a long time to get. But what are you gonna do? You have to buy it, and Macromedia exploits that.

  21. Tiago Santos Xavier | 02.05.2021 at 04:08 | Reply

    Dishonest company stealing from malwarebytes!

  22. I have the free vn. and if I keep its real-time protection enabled,it holds the Browsers(Firefox,Google Chrome and IE) from loading webpages,by deleting cookies etc. they use and the browsers hang without even closing.

  23. LUJIAHONG | 13.05.2021 at 14:01 | Reply

    Is not free.

  24. ridwan kurniawan | 20.05.2021 at 00:57 | Reply

    I wish it converted faster

  25. Yu-chin Huang | 25.05.2021 at 23:56 | Reply

    simply the best and most workable software for designing track plans for model railroads

  26. It isn’t working for me, doesn’t let me connect to Facebook. trying to find a way to contact the developer, but no option is given. If interested, please give me contact details here and I’ll get in touch with the developer.

  27. Nabajyoti Kalita | 04.06.2021 at 11:31 | Reply

    Would have been nice to have a burner included, but whatever…I have 5 already.

  28. I only want to produce a single mix CD with no gaps between the tracks. When 0 seconds is selected, there is still a millisecond pause or click. So if you’re just burning a normal CD why not just use Windows Media Player.
    When I selected the tracks, the software changed the order!!

  29. Raymond May | 14.06.2021 at 03:02 | Reply

    Why is it a scam? I have been looking into it lately something doesn’t seem right.

  30. Al Mamun Hossen ( Sumon) | 20.06.2021 at 17:45 | Reply

    the whole program.

  31. Interface is not as intuitive as other programs I’ve tried.

  32. kurmibranko | 28.06.2021 at 03:00 | Reply

    Gee, where to begin?
    This Desktop Manager version is inferior and non-functioning compared to the old version.

    First off: I get “Error “CRTranRec:: GetLinkedRecordId : Invalid linked record Id” when I try to sync.
    Here it is in the Blackberry Knowledge Base help forum:
    Of course you currently offer no solution and the message, “This is a previously reported issue that is being investigated by our development team. No resolution time frame is currently available.”
    That’s just peachy.

    Second: this new Desktop Manager software is insanely slow compared to the previous version. Good job RIM. That’s what users want: to spend more time thinking about what other phone they should buy to replace their overpriced 9900 junkberry.

    Third: I use Outlook and the software DOESN’T SYNC RIGHT!!! I tried all sorts of different options to get my memo pad to match, but no dice. Gee, I never had to worry about this with the previous version – because that one worked.

  33. I’ve been using the program for more than a year and have yet to encounter any negative aspects.

  34. The backup stopped working after saving 30 GB, and the sync was hogging my entire PC, I couldn’t use my pc . I called the helpdesk but they asked to pay for support. I sent several emails also but received a useless response after days. Two weeks later, I was still struggling to get help. I asked for refund but they refused. Eventually I had to abandon the backup and deleted the software. My lost at Acronis gain – they made the profit so they don’t care what happen thereafter.

  35. I think that the RAM optimization could be a bit more worked out. For this operation I recomend Fresh RAM.

  36. James Sorensen | 20.07.2021 at 01:24 | Reply

    You may have to remove the advanced setting

  37. Odin Harry Romé Petersson | 22.07.2021 at 06:16 | Reply

    It not only is a downloader and converter, but also can be a music player. I can listen music whenever and wherever I want with it.

  38. renee elizabeth | 28.07.2021 at 18:10 | Reply

    Not found any thing on the downside yet, give it time and if I find anything wrong will write again

  39. Koushik Patra | 01.08.2021 at 18:58 | Reply

    Would not segment edit properly at all. So frustrating. Finally gave up and uninstalled. Waste of my time.

  40. Easy to create training, demo and quiz for software training

  41. Command line utility is available only in server versions.

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