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There are quite a few applications that try to simulate the Mac dock, and many of them don’t manage it. But up until now, the best Windows dock that we can get is the XWindows Dock Registration Code .

Enjoy the most elegant shortcut bar on Windows

This program takes the popular dock designed by Apple to the desktop of your Windows operating system, maintaining its original elegance and without losing a shred of functionality.

XWindows Dock full download

As said, there are lots of configuration options concerning icons, panels, stack and sounds, with multiple interface tweaking tools at your disposal. For instance, you can customize the icon size, opacity, blur, icon reflection, space between icons, effects, gallery dimensions and even animation speed. XWindows Dock Full Version Registered works like a charm on all Windows versions, but a moderate CPU usage was experienced during our testing, which makes it obvious that older workstations may be a little bit slowed down by this app. Overall however, XWindows Dock Registration key is an excellent program launcher that provides not only a very appealing design with skin support, but also plenty of configuration options to better fit any desktop in the world.

Download XWindows Dock serial keys – A desktop organizer for you to use. Organizes and optimizes Windows desktop layout We’ve seen a lot of docks for Windows in our day, and they’re usually not very good. We regarded XWindows Dock 5.6 Full Version pre-Activated first with skepticism, then with guarded excitement, and finally with a sense of not being as disappointed as we usually are. But yes, we were still disappointed. One thing XWindows Dock free download gets right–to some extent–is the dock’s appearance. It comes with icons for My Computer, Control Panel, and Trash, and all three of these are sleek and attractive. Adding other programs to the dock is a bit problematic; the icon for Firefox became pixelated and ugly.


  • *Cool*Many features like: *Minimize to dock with genie effect *Mirror icons *Stack
  • Still needs work
  • I never got to use it. My computer froze several times. When I managed to get back on I restored my computer to a point before the install.
  • I don’t recommend this to anyone.
  • Buggy, Performance Lacking, and Confusing to use.
  • Feature rich. Experiment with almost all the features you wish you had in a dock.
XWindows Dock full version with keygen download free

XWindows Dock full version with keygen download – or XWD for short – is the newest free Windows Vista and XP program of the class… XWindows Dock full version free or XWD is the newest free Windows Vista and XP program of the class Application Launcher and Desktop Organizer. But it’s not just another one: it’s the result of years of use and observation of the many dock programs on the market, plus all functions you only dreamed that your dock would offer.XWindows Dock Full Version key has for turning your user experience more productive and fun! Besides,XWD is in active development so that new functionalities are added at each new release. Features:Reserve screen area for the dock,Option to show dock on mouseover,Two options for what to do when an icon is dragged out of the dock: create shortcut or removal and Preview of video and images.

System Requirement:

What’s new in last version?

This version includes few excellent features for users such as stack improvements and bouncing effect.
Be sure to check complete list of changes:
Introducing bounce effect for icons and stacks.
Now you can see previews of photos and movies right in the stacks. You can even scroll movies frames using scroll wheel on your mouse.
Added support for custom stack icon.
Bounce effect will notify you about any kind of changes that are happening in the stack's folder.
Also XWindows Dock will notify you about all flashing windows in the taskbar. This can be favorite instant messaging client (e.g. Pidgin or Miranda), Skype, FTP-client and so on.

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  1. mollieanika | 03.02.2021 at 05:53 | Reply

    Couldn’t they build interface better?

  2. Options on price

  3. ghhhrnhbrynry | 15.02.2021 at 04:39 | Reply

    is a little hard to deal with

  4. SaraMDurant | 21.02.2021 at 19:28 | Reply

    I installed the latest update to True Image 2012. Then when starting True Image Windows 7 hangs completely at the True Image startup screen – still have cursor control but no response to any button. CTRL/ALT/DEL no response. Pushbutton reset no response. Power off system. On power on, system hangs at initial hardware screen with CMOS checksum error. Resetting CMOS with default allowed normal operation. After proving to my satisfaction that True Image was the cause I removed all Acronis

  5. Usless, I can’t even activate it. It’s not free, you have to sign up for newletters to get a key, and even then it didn’t give me it!

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