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Manage your favorite content with Tableau

Furthermore, this program also shelters various additional functions that are meant to enrich your browsing experience. One of them is the "Tableau," which can be used to manage your most accessed websites. You can remove them from the screen, lock them, and also choose the background they're displayed on. There are also a bunch of pre-installed extensions that can be used to take screenshots, view videos in a more comfortable manner, enable turbo mode, save interesting information or manage your passwords. They can also be disabled, according to your preference.

Yandex Browser premium

In addition, the tool has several features that allow quick access to your favorite Internet resources. Thus, besides bookmarking URLs, you can also manage your preferred websites on the Tableau. Good news is that it allows synchronizing history, bookmarks and passwords across all your devices using your personal account. However, this feature should be used with caution to avoid possible breaches to your privacy.

If it’s true that Google has the monopoly regarding Internet searching more or less worldwide thanks to their search engine under the same name, it is also true that at a regional level there are alternatives that enjoy a great success among users. This is the case of Yandex, the most popular search engine in Russia.

Based on Chromium

The idea behind Yandex Browser full is to become hard competition for Google Chrome. The two browsers have several features in common, something that isn’t strange at all if you take into account that both are based on Chromium.

Features of YandexBrowser

Download Yandex Browser full version serial keys , a browser that has arrived from Russia to stay on your PC.


  • Synchronizing across devices
  • Quick access to resources
  • Fast rendering of web pages
  • Tabs for different pages
  • Incognito tabs
  • Turbo mode
Yandex Browser full version setup

All browsers of the Chromium family support extensions. Luckily, Yandex Browser 20.3 Activation Code allows using extensions from Chrome’s vast library. What is more, it comes with a set of extensions which are already installed. However, it is a good idea to take a look at them and uninstall or disable those you do not need. In a nutshell, Yandex Browser 20.3 pre-Activated Free Download belongs to the group of the best browsers available nowadays. It is very fast, uses moderate system resources and has a convenient interface. It comes with a few additional features, mostly via extensions. Fortunately, the product is totally free to use. Conveniently surf the Internet using this modern web browser

System Requirement:

  • Intel Pentium 4 (or later)
  • RAM: 512 MB minimum
  • Free disk kspace: 400 MB minimum
  • Windows 10 32/64 bit, Windows 8 32/64 bit, Windows 7 32/64 bit, Windows 8, Windows 2012, Windows 2008, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 2003, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 10, Windows 98, Vista
  • Language English, French, Polish, Chinese, Italian, German, Japanese, Spanish
  • Homepage:
  • Author Yandex
  • Last version

26 Comments on "Yandex Browser keys"

  1. Can’t complain about a free program that works well.

  2. Koushik Patra | 20.02.2021 at 09:54 | Reply

    And also, I have Windows Vista Home Premium 32 bit edition if that helps at all…………

  3. Subhashini | 22.02.2021 at 13:22 | Reply

    Only converted the first 2 seconds of video (.MOV)and told me to buy the program. Tried all output methods and same result.

  4. but the creator has tried to copy New star soccer 3, the graphics are not as good as NS3’s, it doesn’t have all the options NS3’s and hosestly it can’t compete with NS3 but im not goin too be unfair and give it 1 star im going to give it 2 because it was a alright effort.

  5. AnilAnupoju | 02.03.2021 at 02:40 | Reply

    Only A Trial

  6. Cannot deeply clean registry and cannot fix Blue Screen. My zonealarm’s system check still find invalid registry entries that this software cannot detect/clean.

  7. Denise McDermott | 11.03.2021 at 15:32 | Reply

    wish there was more fancy borders. They say they will add more in the future

  8. TONY di bari | 14.03.2021 at 13:21 | Reply

    Started the program and it found some fault sectors but no option to skip or automatically retry/ignore the popup box.

  9. I can’t think of anything I don’t like about True Image.

  10. Not too fast with large files, some might get corrupted (happened just once so far).
    Pop up at the end of process suggesting upgrading a little annoying.

  11. Ng Soo Inn | 01.04.2021 at 11:17 | Reply

    I was trying to recover some mpeg files. The program claimed it works for multiple formats, but did not recover anything other than jpegs. It did, however, recovered the thumbnails of the mpeg files that I was looking for, but were useless to me.

  12. My #1 complaint was stability. Luckily I never lost anything and it didn’t often require a complete system reboot, but I could count on it crashing at least once every time I used it.

    I wish there was a more complete set of items; primary, like doors, windows, etc.

    The feature of working with several floors was problematic. It needs a roof feature and a deck feature.

    Dimensioning needs to be able to select a dimension and have an object move to fit the dimension. Dimensions DO associate with an object (snap to feature works well), but you should be able to choose the dimension and have IT place the object rather than having to try to enlarge the scale and move the object to match the dimension.

    More external details would be nice.

    The way of making the floors needs work. Having to establish “areas” seems awkward.

  13. gn.tidbury | 10.04.2021 at 04:20 | Reply

    shuts down and most of the time doesn’t work properly

  14. natarajan ramachandran | 12.04.2021 at 21:23 | Reply

    Could be easier to use I suppose.

  15. Everything else. The downloader, the malware and bots that are packaged with this program. I am submitting an email to the maker of CPU-Z and tell that they should have users download the software directly from them and leave out the middle-man or CNet’s marekting/client based products to themselves or as stand-alones. Just totally inconsiderate and uacceptable.

  16. Output file location cumbersome
    Output only to 8.5″ x 11″- which wont work well for D sized prints.

  17. Works well till now.

  18. Ahmed Saied | 01.05.2021 at 15:42 | Reply

    choppy video, arifacts, crashes

  19. 2012 is terribly slow to do both backups and restores.

  20. ILONA FERGUSON | 11.05.2021 at 16:57 | Reply

    When I downloaded this program, 3 Trojan Dropper was installed on my computer and detected by Malwarebytes. I downloaded from CNET, but was forced onto IOBIT, where unwanted software was downloaded via the TROJAN DROPPERS…

  21. Don’t work with Firefox 13

  22. Nageshrao Kulkarni | 24.05.2021 at 11:03 | Reply

    1.) I couldn’t see ANY FILES in scan results, ONLY folders/subfolers, although found file types were listed throughout the scan. I selected 5 folders to download. They downloaded as blank folders, except one .exe file in a folder
    2.) I called the 1-888# to ask if this was a bug. The Indian guy anxiously asked me 5 times if he could remotely login to my computer. I replied that he shouldn’t have to remote in to assess the problem. He then said he couldn’t help but advised me to call back in the morning. So I called back and the next Indian guy insisted on remoting in. He immediately went to “event viewer”–> “custom views”–> “admin events”, which listed several “warning” and “error” events and exclaimed “OH YOU HAVE SO MANY VIRUSES!” I called his BS b/c I’m an engineer and knew that these “events” WERE NOT VIRUSES. Event descriptions proved that most were from ADR (NOTE I tried 4 other data recovery sw before this and NONE made these “events”) and the rest were low HD space warnings.

  23. Driver updater takes time in downloading drivers but its ok as they are the big ones..!!
    No complaints so far..!!

  24. Vijay Gawati | 03.06.2021 at 14:38 | Reply

    So slow, its really sad. Way over priced. Huge program.

  25. Odin Harry Romé Petersson | 08.06.2021 at 05:38 | Reply

    Misses a few things and action scripts are different to most other applications and it harder to cope.

  26. Rahammed Uslan | 12.06.2021 at 22:04 | Reply

    Up to users, which version to use.

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