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Zeta Uploader full version with crack is a freeware Windows tool that allows you to send large files by mail with minimum effort. The idea behind the program is pretty simple: users are only required to choose the files to upload, define the receiver emails, input a message and that's all. Zeta Uploader Full Version Activation Code automatically uploads the files to its servers and then sends a mail to the selected recipients, with a download link included in the body. A very good thing about the program is that it doesn't require an account, as it automatically creates one when you launch it for the first time. What's more, you can protect files with a password, enable notifications for every file download and even set expiration dates for each uploaded item. Last but not least, Zeta Uploader serials comes with shell integration, placing an entry in the “Send To” menu to easily upload a file on the go.

Zeta Uploader Activation Key

A free application for sending large files to an e-mail receiver. A free application for sending large files to an e-mail receiver. Web client and Windows client available as well as a command line interface and a SOAP web service. The majority of email services establish a size limit for the attached files that can be sent with them, and there are occasions on which users prefer not to store certain types of files on the cloud, in these cases you can use Zeta Uploader 2.1 Full Version portable .

Zeta Uploader 2.1 free download is a client that will let you use the free Zeta Uploader 2.1 For Windows 10 Download service Zeta Uploader full is a client that will let you use the free Zeta Uploader codes service. This service allows you to send large files (up to 2 Gb) to any email address. The files will be uploaded to Zeta Uploader with keygen´s servers, and the recipient of the email will get a link, that will allow them to download a file. The program allows to configure options that will let you include your name and reply email address in the emails that it sends. You can also add any signature that you want to include, or Gravatar images that you want to use. You can also protect the files with a password, or sent the emails in any of the supported languages. This program can even notify you when the recipient finally downloads the file you sent. Zeta Uploader For Pc Free Download will add an option “Upload to Zeta Uploader Full Version Activation Code” to the context menu that opens when you press the right key of your mouse while pointing to a file. This free version will allow each user to send files with a size of up to 500 Mb, and they will be able to send 1 Gb per month. Every user will be able to download up to 5 Gb per month. The uploaded files will remain stored in the servers for thirty days. The author offers annual subscriptions that will provide a service with less restrictions, or no restrictions at all.


  • None
  • It provides a free way to share large files easily
Zeta Uploader license code

One of the few additional options shown by Zeta Uploader full version setup is the possibility to access the information linked with the computer on the Zeta server, so that it will be possible to know how much data has been uploaded and how much has been downloaded. Therefore, if you want to have an additional option to be able to share your large files with your contacts, you only have to download Zeta Uploader 2.1 reg keys free of charge.

System Requirement:

  • Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0
  • Windows 2003, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2K
  • Homepage: www.zeta-uploader.com
  • Author zeta software
  • Last version

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  1. It’s really good, but how do you subscribe?

  2. the yellow color icons

  3. Robert Danninger | 27.02.2021 at 15:10 | Reply

    There are a lot of low grade functions to this program. Some are even dangerous for most users. Not one is anything that I would call good. This program should be avoided as there are some very good ones out there eg. WinCleaner OneClick. This is an excellent pc maintenance utility that does only some things, but does them well.

  4. Yana Petrenko | 03.03.2021 at 11:55 | Reply

    No significant faults.

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